Our first quarterly software release for 2022, Aurion version 11.80 (log in for access), is now available. It follows the official confirmation in December 2021 of Aurion’s whitelist status for STP Phase 2 and the 11.79.1 patch release with an additional STP2 configuration task.

Headline features in 11.80 include four new APIs that complete the API suite for organisational maintenance, new templates for staff SMS and email that can be individually personalised, and view-only timesheets that can be shared with remote admins but only modified by authorised staff.

Simplified organisational maintenance
The API for updating costing at the organisation unit level is just one of the previously manual processes that has been automated with four new APIs for maintaining an organisational structure within Aurion.

There’s a new API to help system administrators move configuration in bulk between Aurion environments, and an API for payroll administrators to add employees to optional leave types in bulk or as part of an Aurion business process automation (BPA) feature. A common use for this API will be with an application to purchase additional leave, which can now be fully automated for employees and administrators using Self Service Forms, Workflow and the BPA suite.

Personalise messages to employees
The Employee Enquiry screen has been enhanced making it even easier to send SMS and emails to employees. A single template is now available that can personally address bulk SMS and email to employees, with the option to choose work mobile, personal mobile or email as the contact, with a fallback option if the selected phone number is blank.

More Aurion customers can use the SMS functionality now that it no longer requires the Recruitment or Immunisation modules to be in their license.

Look-don’t-touch timesheets
We’ve enhanced Aurion for outsourced payroll service bureaus by providing a view-only Timekeeper Timesheets feature in Aurion Core. It will allow decentralised customer administrators to easily view the details of employee timesheets but not make any changes to data.

This feature may also assist organisations to meet any requirements in wage theft laws to prevent timesheets being modified by unauthorised people.

Get ready for STP Phase 2
To give our customers a stress-free transition to STP Phase 2, we gained a deferral from the ATO to 30 September 2022 and opened the STP Phase 2 Resources portal and we’re offering to work with you on an STP Phase 2 Blueprint at no charge. Log in to visit the Simple Steps to STP Phase 2 webpage to get started.

A reminder that the ATO have published an STP Phase 2 Factsheet and Employer Reporting Guidelines summarising key changes introduced in STP2. They’ve also released this informative webinar recording.

Learn more about the evolution of Aurion software: check out our most recent releases – Aurion Readies STP2 Transition and Aurion Accelerates Employee Onboarding.

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