Aurion Accelerates Employee Onboarding

Our third software release for 2021 features a range of time-saving Onboarding functions, as well as new capabilities for the Beam super payment tool, and ongoing preparation for the STP Phase 2 mandatory start date on 1 January 2022.

With the release of Aurion version 11.78 (log in for access), our customers can now provide and request further information from their new starters, such as qualification and licence documentation or a pre-employment webform, to speed up the onboarding process by removing the paperwork required on their first day.

We have also improved the API used to create employee placements data by synchronising an employee’s Contract Expiry Date to their Placement ‘Date To’ and sending a warning if the new salary is lower than the current actual salary.

Our New Zealand customers are being looked after with the release of the JP Morgan Access Global ACH NZ bank interface file, and a change in the NZ Casual Sick Leave Report to grant entitled employees 10 days sick leave rather than the previous 5 days leave, for leave accruals on or after 24 July 2021.

To help provide a solution for managing Annualised Salaries, our customers can now generate payroll transactions that won’t be displayed in Self Service within the Pay Summary and Timekeeper Resulting Payroll Transaction, to enable the reconciliation of interpreted transactions against actual payments.

Beam me up, Aurion
We’ve released new features for our integration with the Beam super payment tool to assist payroll administrators quickly and easily identify each payload’s total contribution amount.

They can now view the total by simply hovering the mouse over the field, and see if they need to check something, such as when there’s a negative total.

Beam reconciliation has also been streamlined with a new output option to send records to Excel. 

STP Phase 2 preparation
In Aurion 11.77 we released a limited number of software features for STP Phase 2, which has continued in 11.78, as we continue compliance testing and working toward full certification approval from the ATO now targeting Aurion version 11.79.

We’re also working with the ATO on a deferral option for our customers who will not be able to meet the STP Phase 2 mandatory start date on 1 January 2022, and we’ll provide a service for customers who need extra support to prepare for STP Phase 2 – register your interest.

Read more about our preparation for STP Phase 2.

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