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A faster and easier way to securely extract your Aurion Cloud data for use in third-party applications.

Securely extract the data you need with DataSmart

With Aurion DataSmart, extract your Aurion data from the Aurion Cloud for use in other third-party applications to improve data sharing and insights. You decide how and when to access your preferred data.

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Aurion DataSmart

Aurion DataSmart enables you to extract your Aurion Cloud data for use in third-party applications for improved data sharing and insights.

Connect your Aurion Solution to DataSmart via Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) interface technology or directly to their dedicated AWS S3 bucket.

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Customers love DataSmart – a faster, more flexible way to securely extract the data they need from their Aurion Cloud. Contact us to find out more about how Aurion Datasmart’s flexible features and expert service can benefit your business.

*Aurion does not guarantee that Aurion DataSmart can extract required data for specific third-party reporting tools. You must have the necessary knowledge to understand which tables you would like to be included in the data extraction as part of the setup activity. Aurion is not able to provide support or advice on what tables need to be included to meet your reporting requirements. You can use the Aurion entity listing to assist you in scoping what tables to be included as part of the setup. You will need to configure some DataSmart functionality yourself. For more information about DataSmart configuration requirements, please refer to the DataSmart technical configuration guide. Whilst Aurion will provide guidance where possible, any issues relating to your own infrastructure remains your responsibility to diagnose and troubleshoot.