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Our fourth software release for 2021, Aurion version 11.79 (log in for access), is now available. Highlights include new automation for processing changes to employee status and hours worked, as well as further updates to support STP Phase 2.

As we are still finalising our compliance testing with the ATO, the 11.79 release does not include the final STP2 features. Instead, an 11.79 patch will be released as soon as our official whitelisting status has been granted by the ATO.

Time-saving features
Each of your job candidates comes with a host of different documents. Aurion Recruitment now lets you select and combine any candidate documents into a single file to share with hiring managers.

Your admins can now add and modify organisation units via API, making it far easier to integrate an organisational structure from outside Aurion.

We’ve automated the calculations of Payment Adjustment Factor and Resetting Calendar Days balances when status and hours changes are processed and reduced the time and complexity of creating Business Process Automation (BPA) forms in Aurion.

Making your people’s life work better
Aurion Self Service has been changed by customer request so admins and employees can view and predict leave balances in weeks. This format better satisfies legislation and suited the needs of our Self Service users.

If one of your new employees reaches the end of their grace period for providing a Tax File Number, they’ll receive an automated email alert, saving admins the need to track down the employee to prevent the top PAYG tax rate applying to them.

Get ready for STP Phase 2
Compliance testing is close to completion and we are ready to receive our official whitelisting status from the ATO and start processing STP2. The ATO have granted a deferral until 30 September 2022 to give Aurion customers additional time to transition to STP Phase 2.

You can register your interest in STP Phase 2 assistance services with Aurion, and once the ATO approves our STP Phase 2 solution, you’ll be the first to hear about the next steps. Everything you need to know about STP Phase 2 at our STP Phase 2 Resources portal (logged in users only).

A reminder that the ATO have published an STP Phase 2 Factsheet and Employer Reporting Guidelines summarising key changes introduced in STP 2. They’ve also released this informative webinar recording.

Learn more about the evolution of Aurion software: check out our previous releases for 2021– Aurion Accelerates Employee Onboarding, Aurion Prepares For STP 2 and Aurion Future-Proofs With Development Platform Upgrade.