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Latest Success Stories

Heritage Bank

Banking & Finance | 1,100 employees

“Compared to other Vendors, I have always found Aurion responsive and supportive. They work for their customers and there is a sense of pride that shines through their business model.”
Kristine Meagher
Payroll Manager

Rockhampton Regional Council

Local Government | 1,000 employees

“Aurion will crunch the numbers, day in and day out. In my experience, Aurion is a reliable payroll system.”

Brendan Dobsa
HR Systems Administrator for Corporate Application

Maddocks Lawyers

Law | 400 employees

“The wonderful Helpdesk team are amazing, always available with a solution to solve the issue. Everyone involved in our STP2 transition and workshop was incredible.”

Jennifer Love
Payroll Administrator

Heathdale Christian College

Education | 280 FT + 30 casual employeess

“Our criteria for the new HR information system were that it was adaptable to change and could be built up in stages … that was a real strength of Aurion.”

Rebecca Cassar
People, Engagement & Development Mgr

Suncare Community Services

Community Services | 300 employees

“Aurion worked together with us as a team, toward a common goal, which was one of the main reasons why the project was a success.”

Priscilla Stollznow
CIS Project Manager


Telecommunications | 300 employees

“…the reporting function has been very powerful, particularly in times of change and transition.”

Ashleigh Loughnan
Group Head of People & Culture

Greater Shepparton Council

Local Government | 1,000 employees

“We are looking forward to working closely with Aurion to deliver other future enhancements that will improve our employee’s overall HR experience.”

Karen Liversidge
Manager, People & Development


Community Care | 11,000 employees

“Blue Care chose Aurion because we needed a system that was highly configurable, easy to use and maintainable in-house.”

NSW Electoral Commission

Government | 20,000 employees

“Aurion successfully implemented the project and processed a payroll covering almost 20,000 NSWEC personnel.”

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

Government | 200 employees

“Our employees love that Self Service can be accessed on their mobile devices when on the road.”

Enterprise & Training Company

Professional Services | 250 employees

“Using Aurion Payroll and HR solutions with Self Service provides us with a host of essential employee management functions.”

Alana Hardin
Human Resources Coordinator


Government | 3,000 employees

“DISER … shifted to a modern cloud-based service with Aurion … we successfully completed the move, with no unplanned interruptions.”

Keryn Valeri
Program Manager, Shared Services 

Wagga Wagga City Council

Government | ~700 employees

“From a payroll point-of-view I find Aurion to be strong and robust, we haven’t missed a pay yet.”

Stuart Matheson
Sys Admin & Payroll Coordinator

Wesley Mission Queensland

Community Services | 3,000+ employees

“Aurion worked alongside our People and Culture team to meet essential deadlines and reduce the impact on our staff or clients.”

Steve Eltis
Director of People and Culture

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