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At Aurion, we’re more than payroll software, it’s about the incredibly talented team of people who bring their knowledge and contributions to our product and services. We wanted to take the time to shine a spotlight on our talented team members who make Aurion the go-to payroll software in Australia. Let’s hear from them about the features and functions they love most about Aurion, and how they’re dedicated to make life work better for our customers.

Naturally, it only makes sense to firstly share the thoughts of one of the original founders of Aurion, John. John (or as we know him, JW) is one of the three founders of Aurion who are still a part of our software development team today, delivering people and payroll solutions to our customers.

Since starting Aurion in 1985, the Australian payroll landscape and technology space has seen seismic shifts in legislation and operational best practice. Throughout all this change and innovation, our core values and the key drivers to our success remain the same.

“When we first started Aurion in 1985, our goal was to re-write how Australian payroll software is built. What that meant for us even then, was that we had to solve those complex processes and be able to do it at scale for all types of businesses.” explains John.

Speaking to the success of Aurion in the Australian payroll industry throughout our 39 year tenure in the market, John adds, “Back then and even now, what sets us apart is that we have a team of really talented people who were able to be agile and adapt to the required changes quickly.

From then, we’ve continued to grow and improve the product with industry changes such as Single Touch Payroll, BPAs, data stores and many more elements that have continued to enhance the solutions we provide for our customers.”

John has been present for all of the evolutionary changes of Aurion and we asked him, ‘What are you most proud of to see in how Aurion operates today?’

“Something that I’m really proud of is the customer support that we’re providing. What our team in Customer Support are providing is spectacular, along with the teams in our Managed Payroll Services and Account Management space who are also doing incredible work.

What sets us apart is how hard we strive to provide outstanding services to our customers. From Customer Support to Managed Payroll Services to our Account Management teams and everything in between, we can provide a personalised service to make life work better.”

Another word for collaboration, One Team Aurion

As the saying goes, “team work makes the dream work” and this could not be more true for our team at Aurion. When we had a chat with our team, one of the common core values that was raised which underpins our business success was the ability of our team to collaborate and work together.

As one of our Change Managers, Alex provides support to our team with the facilitation and planning of our continuous improvement projects. To achieve this, she works across all departments at Aurion to ensure that our methodology is optimised to deliver the best possible outcome to all stakeholders involved. When asked what she views as the biggest strength of Aurion, Alex had this to say,

“The collaboration across teams is something that works really well at Aurion. We have experts in payroll providing input directly to the teams building the software, so the Aurion software truly is built to suit the practical needs of payroll professionals.”

We provide a dedicated project team for all of our software implementation and enhancement projects, and Ed is one of our most experienced at Aurion. Taking on the role of Project Delivery Lead, Ed works with new and existing customers during the implementation of their Aurion solution to ensure that milestones are reached and an optimal outcome is achieved. Through collaboration across several departments and direct interaction with our customers, Ed is extremely knowledgeable on how our team at Aurion operates and their levels of expertise.

Speaking to this knowledge Ed adds, “We have the depth internally to be able to lean on the expertise of our payroll experts to implement industry best practice within our software.”

Dedicated to creating a workforce where everyone can thrive and bring their best selves to work is our General Manager of People & Culture, Cara. Explaining why it is so important to have such a core focus on recruiting and retaining top talent, “The collective intelligence, diversity of thought and experience really does come together to create the best of breed solutions seen by the incredible problem solving skills of our team as a direct result.” says Cara.

An established provider of Australian payroll software and services

Aurion has been providing people and payroll solutions to Australian businesses for over 39 years, and has continued to innovate and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the payroll industry.

As a part of our Managed Payroll team, Amber first used the Aurion software in the early 2000’s at the start of her payroll career. Now, she is a part of our in-house team who provide outsourced payroll services to our customers. Commenting on why Aurion is so successful, Amber says, “It’s the most well-known payroll software in Australia for a reason, it has a heap of functionality, everyone knows Aurion.”

Working on the next iteration of the Aurion software is one of our UX Designer’s, Andrew. Dedicated to optimising the navigation and overall user experience for Aurion Version 12, Andrew is passionate about continuing the next evolution of payroll software in Australia, “Aurion has been built by true payroll experts. It’s continuing to invest further in building an absolutely world class user experience for our customers.

From experts who have been in the industry for years, or people just starting out in their HR or payroll career, at Aurion we’re aiming to evolve and advance our software and user experience to #makelifeworkbetter for the Australian payroll industry.

I’m really excited to be a part of the team that delivers Aurion Version 12 to the Australian payroll market.”

Supporting our customers with optimising their Aurion solution are our Key Account Managers like Katrina. By making connections and providing solutions based on individual strategies and goals, Katrina delivers meaningful engagement with out customer community to ensure their needs are met.

Speaking to the Aurion difference, she adds “The engagement level that we have with customers to understand what their requirements are, and to then use that to build the foundations of our solutions is something that is unique to Aurion.”

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