Payroll legislation and reporting requirements are ever changing and evolving. We have made it easier for our customers to capture gender in Aurion to help with WGEA reporting, including additional equipment management functionality in employee self-service and many more features which streamline workflows and provide increased flexibility in our latest update.

Check out the full list of our Aurion 11.89 software release notes here (log in required). We’ve also put together the list of highlights to understand what our team are currently building on.

Improved Gender Capture and Reporting

We have enhanced the functionality and added APIs to capture and report on information relating to gender. Our recent update allows for more personalised gender identification within your workforce while also facilitating accurate reporting of gender composition. This enhancement not only furthers diversity and inclusion objectives within your organisation, but also aids in meeting reporting requirements with ease.

Equipment Management in Employee Self Service

The new “Items Issued” feature in our Employee Self Service (ESS) portal will now let you easily record, manage and track equipment checked out to individual employees. This functionality enhances transparency and tracking in equipment management, providing both managers and employees with a clear overview of equipment allocation.

Automated Flexible Public Holiday Management

Managing flexible public holidays and holiday groups with our new API means less processing time for your payroll team. This new functionality streamlines the administration of public holidays, allowing employees to easily move a public holiday to a new preferred date if desired. This capability offers great flexibility for your workforce and ensures that time taken aligns with individual preferences and organisational needs.

Enhanced Workflow Tracking for Leave Takings

Our latest software release introduces more functionality for workflow tracking to increase the transparency at both a management and employee level. This new feature allows everyone involved in the leave submission and approval process greater visibility and status of the request. Administrators can customise these notifications in ESS, tailoring the feature to suit the specific needs of their organisation while adhering to pre-determined leave approval workflows.

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