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For over 30 years our technology and expertise has developed the complexity and maturity to fulfill any organisation’s payroll needs

Small to Medium Business

1 to 299 employees

Whether you’re just starting out, growing your business or running a mature company, our 100% compliant payroll & HR solutions save you time, money and risk.


300 to 999 employees

Manage your entire workforce in one, centralised payroll & HR solution. We provide expertise and technology to support business in any industry.

Large Enterprise

1,000+ employees

We deliver scalable and compliant solutions in even the most complicated environments. We support workforces across large enterprise, shared service environments, franchises and multinationals.


Local, State and Federal | 1 to 50,000+ employees

We’ve been supplying compliant, secure and scalable payroll & HR systems to Local, State and Federal government agencies and organisations for over 30 years.

Quality in everything we do

Aurion is committed to providing customers with quality in everything we do. Underpinning our commitment to the highest standards in service excellence is our ISO-certified quality framework. We’re driven to deliver 100% secure and compliant solutions to our customers, now and into the future.

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