It is a great achievement, one that we work hard with our team to achieve. This award was determined by the HR experts at HRD across organisations who support people and payroll for Australia and New Zealand.

Our Australian payroll experts at Aurion are considered the “best of the best”, and being named winners in the Payroll Systems category only reinforces our position as industry-leaders in Australian payroll software. It highlights our dedication to security, compliance, customer service and technical innovation.

This gold medal status follows on from our win earlier in the year of being named “In-country payroll provided of the year” at the Global Payroll Awards for 2023. After being recognised on the global stage as the top in-country payroll provider, we are thrilled to take home a local Australian-based award which affirms our position in the same category.

Award-winning Australian cloud payroll

At Aurion, innovation is at the core of our business and product evolution. Our success is deeply ingrained in our commitment to continuous improvement across all organisational functions, in addition to the technological advancement of our payroll software.

We are currently building upon the powerful functionality we have established with our current software Version 11, with our next-generation payroll software, Aurion Version 12. Built with a foundational approach to security, automation and design, we are excited for how the next chapter of our Aurion legacy will make life work better for our customers.

Executive General Manager of Aurion, Kathryn Wilson explains her vision, “We will continue to build on our strategy that we have implemented in our current software, Version 11. The key difference for Version 12 is that we are able to build an even stronger foundation for payroll processing through a cloud native platform, with the additional functionality to offer an always live payrun with a fresh user interface.”

The importance of data security and compliance

In a world where technology and data security is growing in demand, there is an increased necessity for organisations to focus on their cyber and data security within their business ecosystem. It was clear that our robust security and compliance measures were a key contributor to our gold medal accreditation.

Kathryn Wilson explains how Aurion continues to deliver strong security and compliance protocols to our customers, “We support our customers to achieve this objective by keeping our strong security, compliance and accreditation programs as a core concept of our people and payroll solutions. The Aurion software is purposefully built to encompass the complexities of Australian payroll. This ensures that our solutions are compliant with industrial, legislation and regulation requirements, while being able to adapt and incorporate any additional compliance requirements.”

Aurion is an industry-leader in supporting the needs of Australian organisations with their people and payroll. This is not achieved without the passion and expertise of our dedicated team, who work hard to make life work better for our customers, and deliver award-winning payroll solutions. Our people are the key to our success, and is the primary driver of our 97% customer retention rate. When it comes to Australian payroll, our team at Aurion are the experts.

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