We have some great news for our Aurion users. Our Aurion Campus online learning space has been revamped to be more than a simple collection of videos. This new and improved platform is a more interactive learning pathway to let you get the most of your Aurion solution at every stage of your Aurion journey.

The last thing you need is to feel overwhelmed when learning a new system, which is why we want Aurion Campus to be your not-so-secret weapon. We want our Aurion Campus to be your go-to resource to help you overcome any hesitation, improve your expertise, and make life work better.

The next time you enter Aurion Campus, you’ll see it’s generally the same content as before. But the way you access it, the way you interact with it has evolved.

Start your Learning journey
For the first stage of the Learning restructure, we’ve implemented six different categories to match the different stages of your Aurion journey:

  • Getting Started with Aurion
  • Setting Up your Business in Aurion
  • Understanding People, Payroll & Leave
  • Using Aurion for Payroll, Finance & Admin
  • Advanced Processing Tasks

To better cater to a diversity of learning styles, we’ve been mixing up the media used in our courses and reducing the reliance on videos. We are also working through the existing content to improve accessibility, often by doing things as simple as adding closed captions to our videos.

New to Aurion? No problem!
Our focus right now is to help you progress from onboarding through to implementation, so you are confident working with your own version of Aurion when it goes live.

New courses are being built with the new approach. We now have a course on how to use the Aurion Service Centre (log in to access), that’s available before you even start your implementation.

We’ve added a refresh section into Aurion Campus, covering payroll, reporting and administration. It mimics the old Campus look and feel, for those more familiar with the previous structure. Eventually we’ll be giving more experienced Aurion users access to more advanced courses.

From practice to perfect
During the implementation stage of your Aurion journey, you not only get access to Aurion Campus, but also your very own sandpit version of Aurion.

From day one you can take everything you learn in Campus and start pressing buttons in the sandpit. Learn about Aurion software through trial and error, without any worries about something breaking and effecting your own version while it’s being set-up.

Access the Aurion mindset
Mastering Aurion is not about knowing which buttons to press to do this or that task. It’s about understanding what you’ve just bought into: how it thinks, how it works, how it has more functionality than other programs you’ve used before.

If you can get your head around the Aurion mindset, then everything else about your Aurion solution is going to feel more logical and easier to understand.

Give us your feedback
We’re also busy identifying any specific pain points that arise in Aurion Campus, so that whatever changes we make, we can gauge how they’re working.

We want to ensure that when we implement a change in Learning, we can see your response to it before we more onto the next change. When we made the first changes to the Campus, we had some customers who were part-way through their implementation, and they didn’t report any hiccups.

To prepare for the implementation of our Next-Gen software, our future development plan includes looking into replacing Aurion Campus with a new learning management system (LMS). This will give you an even better learning experience.

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