Our second software release for 2022, Aurion version 11.81 (log in for access) is now available. It features more detailed Super Guarantee calculations and several new time-saving options to help you navigate between different tasks and functions.

We love releasing new features, but your ability to easily access those functions is just as important for you to take full advantage of your Aurion solution.

Easier Core navigation
When you select a person, employee, position or organisation unit in the Core interface, a Context Navigation button will now be displayed. If selected, it opens an accordion menu like ‘My Favourites’, listing any related tasks for which you have the correct security access.

We’ve also added some ‘hotkey’ keyboard shortcuts to simplify common navigation commands in the software interface, minimising the need to switch between mouse and keyboard. You can scroll through the list using the arrow keys and select items with a single key press and search with a second.

For extra convenience, the User Settings pop-up now shows ‘Query Employee’ and ‘Query People’ options in the Employee Selection dropdown list.

Data protection alerts
We’ve increased the layers of protection around your employees’ private information by sending them email and/or SMS alerts each time changes are made to their personal, address and contact information. If their email and/or mobile phone details are changed, the alert goes to their previous email and phone number.

An alert is triggered whether the change is made from our Core application, from Self Service, or updated via API directly into the database. It’s a great example of an automated payroll system.

We believe these new alert features will give your employees more confidence in using Aurion Self Service and reduce the compliance burden on your staff.

More detailed super calculations
We’ve extended the superannuation guarantee (SG) percentage calculations from two to five decimal places.

It sounds like a simple change, but if you manage employee superannuation contributions as part of a total fixed remuneration salary package, and effectively sacrifice the SG amount from the total fixed remuneration, the current 10 percent Superannuation Guarantee become 9.09091 percent – previously rounded up to 9.10 percent.

By more accurately calculating the SG liability when sacrificed from the total package, you gain greater flexibility when managing top-down salary packaging components.

You’ll see the improvement across screen displays, reports and interfaces, and anywhere where more than two decimal places are needed.

If you pay employees in New Zealand, the latest NZ tax rates file for the first date paid in April 2022 is now available for download from aurion.com.

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