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Aurion Talent Management Software

Getting each step of the employee lifecycle right and done efficiently is important for Human Resource managers striving for better employee retention rates and improved business performance. Aurion Talent management software helps business leaders efficiently manage their talent recruitment, career management, learning and development and health and safety.

Unify your organisation and streamline the way you manage your people with a talent management software solution that drives business success. Delivering an integrated talent management system for a complete view of every stage of the employee lifecycle, Aurion makes it easy to tap into the full potential of your people. From recruitment to learning and development to succession, Aurion Talent lets you put your people first.

Talent Management Made Easy

Aurion Talent management software and recruitment system empowers your business to recruit, manage and develop employees within the powerful Aurion interface. Our software solutions are modular allowing for integration with other Aurion modules such as Payroll and Analytics or can be used within the entire Aurion HRIS solution.

Our streamlined, efficient talent management system makes it possible to improve performance and productivity across your entire organisation by connecting your business with better qualified job candidates, identifying and targeting your employees’ strengths and areas for improvement, implementing appropriate career development programs and promoting better internal organisation and administration.

Engage and connect your people at every stage of employment, creating better solutions and real business results.

Aurion Talent Modules

Managing the employee lifecycle and workforce planning can be a daunting task for business leaders due to the many considerations required at each stage. Aurion’s Talent Management system modules take away the guesswork involved with each stage of the talent lifecycle offering a total software solution that can streamline your processes and enable you to have a complete view of your employees within Aurion.

TMS and RMS modules include:

  • Automated recruitment selection activities
  • Selection process checklists to process a large number of applications
  • Web recruitment tools for candidate attraction activities
  • Competency-based and online skill-matching surveys
  • Skill gaps / Training needs analysis
  • Design and track succession plans
  • Creation of positions with single or multiple incumbents as a permanent or fixed term employee
  • Assign skill and competencies and attach relevant documentation such as job descriptions
  • Manage organisational structure and default cost allocation profile
  • Align learning objectives with your business objectives
  • Schedule learning and development training courses including room and resources
  • Manage costs associated with training against budgets
  • Comprehensive incident reporting and measurements including lost time injury frequency rates
  • Compensation calculator to determine costs associated with loss time or graduated return to work
  • Workplace risk prevention plans to support OH&S management
  • Integration with Leave and Payroll to reconcile employee absence and calculate payments

24/7 Access for Employees, Managers and Administrators

Aurion’s Talent Management system and recruitment software make it possible to access valuable employee information anywhere and anytime. With round the clock availability from any device, your employees, managers and administrators can always have a full view of their important data, when and where they need it. With a mobile-enabled user interface that’s easy to follow and use, your business can easily support your mobile workforce – or make the switch to one today.

Manage every stage of the Employee Lifecycle

Inspire and connect at every step with our integrated TMS and RMS. Aurion Talent delivers full-service people management from attracting and acquiring the world’s best candidates to developing and retaining future leaders.


Automate and improve your talent acquisition process with our efficient and seamless recruitment management system. Find better candidates in less time with a wider talent pool, internally linked Job Boards, flexible selection checklists and bulk update facilities.

Connection and Collaboration

Promote knowledge sharing, social collaboration, proactive solutions and innovation within your team and throughout the entire employment lifecycle. Give your people the tools they need to connect, contribute and complete their work more efficiently.

Learning and Development

Increase employee engagement, productivity and performance with key learning opportunities personalised to their career path and configured to your business objectives. Foster personal growth and development to easily identify, support and progress top talent.

Performance Management

Align individual goals with your organisation’s wider strategy, enabling your people to continuously improve. Identify and resolve skill and competency gaps, use performance data to inform development and leadership planning, and inspire excitement for the bigger picture.


Fuel powerful, results-driven performance by linking it directly to compensation and budgets. Integrate your payroll systems for better transparency, automated compensation planning and a pay-for-performance culture that drives ongoing growth and improvement.


Build your talent pipeline and retain high performers with the proactive identification of critical roles, development of skills and capabilities, and a full understanding of the potential of your workforce. Cultivate a strategic succession plan to improve business-wide loyalty and longevity.

A Talent Management System for the Modern Business

Aurion Talent provides an intuitive platform for empowering modern businesses to maximise the full potential of their talent.

Manage every step of employment

From attracting top talent with our recruitment management software to developing people for leadership and succession, Aurion Talent enables businesses to manage the entire employee lifecycle.

Inspire engagement and productivity

Build a workforce that’s passionate and purposeful through targeted performance processes and development programs that drive engagement and morale. By transforming traditionally stilted and formal activities into actionable, collaborative and goal-oriented ones, your people are more involved, inspired and committed.

Drive continuous growth and improvement

By engaging your workforce at every stage of employment, you give them the ability to be actively involved in and influence their own development. The Aurion Talent Management system is about inspiring your talent with a clear path to achieve both their own goals and wider business objectives, to deliver real results.

Reduce costs

Our end-to-end TMS and RMS solution unifies and streamlines all your talent and recruitment processes to reduce administration and learning costs across your organisation.

Target business objectives

Direct your resources at what’s most important to your business. Aurion Talent lets you align workforce learning and succession to your specific priorities, maximising your talent to succeed at every stage and creating a sustainable competitive advantage.

Build for present and future success

Easily identify top talent and create leaders who will inspire business growth and success. With our complete talent management system, you can empower new levels of strategic business and human resource decision-making for improved retention and succession plans.

Unify your entire organisation with Aurion Talent

Aurion Talent makes a unified organisation possible. Develop your talent to support your organisation both now and in the future with our integrated HRIS, built for business success. Our seamless, easy-to-use and mobile-enabled talent management system is flexible and interactive for total talent management at every stage of employment. Maximise your workforce potential, develop your organisation for success and create real business results with Aurion.


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