We’re excited to share Aurion Version 11.84 (log in required), with even more functionality and customisation options to make life work better for your people and payroll solution!

Some of the enhancements which we have made in our most recent software update includes superannuation contributions and recruitment capabilities, in addition to an overall improvement for user experience.


We have crafted a more streamlined approach to calculate superannuation contributions for employees under the age of 18 and applies to both private and domestic workers. This change allows for superannuation to be calculated more easily in relation to the number of hours worked for this particular worker demographic.

Our goal to further streamline superannuation contributions in this update includes making changes to processing superannuation payments for recently terminated employees. When calculating superannuation for terminated employees that have payments scheduled within the pay period after the termination date, contributions are configured based on their ‘Actual Earnings’.

User experience

Improvements have been made to prevent merged or corrupt records when running specific query requests when the same output file name is used.

There have been changes to our supported SMS Vendor integrations. This includes the addition of Esendex and the removal of Clickatell, BulkSMS & Generic Vendor. If our customers are currently using any of the vendors which have been removed, their functionality will continue to be supported until you choose to change SMS vendors.

We have added the additional customisation feature for organisations to modify their ‘Past Employee Portal’ log in screen to display custom contact details.

To advance the user experience for our customers, we have also updated the Employee Placements detail panel. This panel now displays the placement’s ‘Position Details’ and ‘Employee Reporting Lines’ for the selected placement all in one place. Users no longer need to navigate to separate screens to obtain this information.


We are excited to add further functionality to our Recruitment modules with multiple additional functionalities.

Recruitment application rulesets can now determine the minimum number of referees required by a jobseeker. This ruleset can also restrict the progression of the application until this request is fulfilled by the jobseeker. As an extension of this ruleset, a new configurable email is available to be configured to send to the applicant as notification if this requirement is not met. This serves as a prompt to the jobseeker to provide the minimum number of referees that have been pre-determined by your organisation.

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