Check out the latest additions and upgrades to our people and payroll software in our most recent quarterly software update, Aurion Version 11.88 (log in required).

Aurion Integration with Seek

All of your recruitment needs, all in one place with Aurion! One of the key highlights we’re really excited for in this release is the new SEEK integration. This new integration allows users to post ads while in Aurion, directly to SEEK.

Our new SEEK integration provides in-sync data which relates to real-time costings and pre-set branding options your organisation has configured with their individual SEEK account. Every aspect of publishing a job role, can be done straight from Aurion and incorporated back into your recruitment module. How easy is that?!

Faster time uploading documents

In the crazy world that is payroll, we know that your time is valuable. That’s why we’ve added a new API to our library to bulk upload documents faster.

With all of the same strong security measures you’re used to in handling the secure storage of sensitive documents, spend less time on loading screens and more time managing your payroll.

This new API will decrease the manual handling time of adding multiple documents, and take some of the pain out of administering your payroll with Aurion.

Go further with your Query Tool

Our team have added more handy functions to make life work better when using the Query Tool in Aurion. The Query Tool editor will now display a progress bar, hit count and the option to terminate a query while in preview mode.

This makes it easier to view the progress of running a query, and giving you the option to terminate the action if needed. A time limit of 1 minute can also be enabled, to give you more control of the amount of time spent running queries in Aurion. Especially helpful for those time-consuming, long-running and complex queries, as you can now set a time limit for Aurion to retrieve the information that you need.

Another exciting feature which has been added is the new charting tool, Chart.js alongside a new PDF API. With the increased accessibility options of exporting charts into a PDF, users can enjoy an improved output file type with their charts.

New fields added for STP2 tax fields

We have added five new fields in our Schedule of Hires to make sure you capture the information you need when onboarding a new employee, all in one place. Our users can now make the most of the following new fields to capture STP2 information:

  • Medicare Levy Dependants
  • Medicare Levy Surcharge
  • Tax Treatment Exception
  • Income Stream Exception
  • Country of Origin

Additional options for your employees’ payslips

How to view leave on payslips? With our new update of course!

We have updated the configuration of our payslips so your team can see all their important information at a glance. Payslips will now have the option to enable the format of leave balances to be displayed on payslips, in the same format they are seen in Self Service.

In Self Service, users can now see a “Download All” button under the Pay Advices accordion. This will let your team easily bulk download payslips at once, eliminating the need to manually download each individual payslip. Guaranteed to save users time when needing to download multiple payslips.

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