Looking for hassle free Australian payroll software? Check out some of the key features we have included in our latest software update. Our team release software updates every quarter to ensure compliance with changing legislation and the continued enhancement of our solutions to make life work better for our customers. Some of our latest improvements include improved reporting, even more ways to use your data, and streamlining the onboarding process of employees.

To view our release in more detail, visit our 11.87 Release Notes (Aurion login required).

Improved reporting of STP2 Lump Sum E payments

We have streamlined the method of verifying the split of financial years reported to the ATO via the STP2 payloads. Now, it is easier than ever to view and extract your Lump Sum E payments by impacted financial year.

When viewing STP Payee details, users will notice a new Lump Sum E breakdown list. This list has been designed especially for our Aurion Query Tool (AQT) to easily extract this data to save time when completing your payroll.

More resources to support your MOHRI and WGEA reporting

Find the answers you need about your Workplace Gender Equality Act (WGEA) and Minimum Obligatory Human Resource Information (MOHRI) report processing. We have expanded our Online Help documentation library to offer more comprehensive details on the calculations used by the WGEA and MOHRI report.

Increased flexibility with defined benefit super registration details

Defined benefits registration details are now optionally available in the superannuation output file. When processing a dedicated superannuation output file, employees with “Defined Benefits” can now have their registration details included. The additional data can be made optional to include each time this file type is run.

This change ensures that the data produced using this output method, will be compatible with SuperStream reporting configuration requirements. We have provided our users more options to display and configure their data, making the Aurion solution compatible with varying organisational requirements.

Streamlined processing for onboarding unpaid employee or contractor types for easier payroll calculations

Include unpaid employees not on your payroll (such as a contractor or volunteer) via the Schedule of Hires, and then straight to onboarding. This additional functionality extends the onboarding functionality of the Aurion solution, and will save your people and payroll team valuable time.

Complimenting this additional functionality, we have added a new status column to make it easier for users to see when action needs to be taken.

Even more data access with our new Recruitment Export and Import Wizard

We make accessing and navigating your data easier than ever with this update. Locate the data you need, when you need it. Our new Recruitment Export & Import Wizard lets you import and export any recruitment component that you need. This new feature streamlines the onboarding and migration process, making life work better for your people and payroll.

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