Introducing Aurion Academy, your new eLearning portal

We know how complex payroll can be, which is why we partner with you through every stage of your Aurion journey. Our new eLearning platform Aurion Academy (log in required), is now live for our customers to get the most out of their people and payroll solution.

Similar to Aurion Campus, our new eLearning platform will provide customers with unlimited access to convenient, expert online courses that fit your busy schedule. With Aurion Academy, our customers can enjoy an easy to navigate and user-friendly learning experience.

Our team are continuously updating and adding to our library of learning resources, to ensure you are up to speed with any new compliance, legislation or software updates that impact the way you do payroll.

Experience the best user-friendly learning experience

We have upgraded our learning platform to provide an enjoyable, seamless and intuitive learning journey to our customers. With our clean, user-friendly interface, users can easily navigate through courses. Whether you were tech savvy with our previous Aurion Campus or if you’re new to Aurion, that’s no problem! Aurion Academy is an easy to use and engaging platform that is available to guide you through every step of your payroll journey.

Explore our ever expanding eLearning resource content library

Throughout the lifetime of your partnership with Aurion, you and your team will have access to Aurion Academy. This resource provides a comprehensive content library that covers a range of people and payroll topics. From your initial implementation, to guided walkthroughs to explore more of our people and payroll functionality, all the way through to the latest compliance and legislation updates, Aurion Academy will have you continuously learning. Stay up-to-date with the latest industry best practices through regular content additions.

We know that everyone learns differently, which is why our team have created multiple formats of our learning resources. This will empower your team to learn the way they want to, in a style that suits them. Our interactive modules include informative videos, text and summative assessments at the end of most modules to ensure that you and your team maximise your valuable learning time.

Optimise workforce engagement with 24/7 access to your eLearning log in portal

Make the most of Aurion Academy with the flexibility to access the platform 24/7. This will let you and your team learn at your own pace. With no expiration dates, or time limits to complete courses, Aurion Academy is always available for you to learn. Increase productivity and the confidence of your team as they gain valuable skills through our eLearning platform.

Access the new Aurion Academy here (log in required).

Streamline new team member onboarding

Need to onboard a new starter to your people and payroll team? Let us help with that!

Dive straight into your onboarding process by utilising Aurion Academy to introduce new team members to Aurion. Equip new staff members with the skills and knowledge they need to get started with the Aurion software. This will reduce the strain on your already busy payroll team, by letting Aurion Academy do some of the heavy lifting.

Let’s chat!

If you’re looking for an Australian payroll software provider that supports your learning journey, speak with our expert team. Our Aurion payroll specialists are available to discuss how we can tailor your optimised payroll solution to let your workforce thrive! You can reach our experienced team by:

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