As a leading outsourced payroll provider in Australia, Aurion is able to provide a fully managed payroll service to be a part of your ultimate people and payroll solution. Unsure if using a managed payroll service is right for you? We’re here to let you know how outsourcing your payroll can make life work better for your entire organisation.

Focus on your business

We know there are many moving parts in any organisation, and quite often tasks such as payroll and HR are often overlooked. The mindset of ‘just doing the pays’ is a treacherous path which can lead to increased risk of error, non-compliance and overall inefficiencies. As the world of payroll and HR is complex and ever-changing, these processes should be constantly reviewed and improved to provide your organisation with optimised payroll outcomes.

Keeping up-to-date with the dynamic and evolutionary environment of payroll and HR can be a time-consuming process for most organisations, especially small to medium sized enterprises. To maximise the quality of your payroll and the time spent by your employees, outsourcing is a fantastic option. By outsourcing to a company like Aurion that has over 35 years of payroll experience, you can be confident that your organisation’s payroll is in safe hands. Our Managed Payroll Services team are experts in performing payroll functions and keeping informed of legislation and regulation changes.

Secure and Compliant Solutions

You can have peace of mind partnering with us knowing that our payroll solutions are compliant with Australian Employment standards, including ATO and Fair Work legislation. We also have a dedicated internal Regulation and Legislations team, and a Cyber Security and Compliance team. Our team is based onshore in Australia, which puts us in the ideal position to stay up to date with all Australian and New Zealand legislation. Aurion has the agility to incorporate and prioritise any updates or changes to relevant legislation to be included in your payroll software solution. As your payroll partner, we are able to provide you with the best protection against data loss, as we are powered by AWS. Our specialised team of technical and security specialists are available to you for any assistance that you may require. At Aurion, we are well equipped with the resources and expertise to deliver your payroll solution.

Improve your bottom line

There are many benefits of outsourcing your payroll, but improving your bottom line is one of the more tangible and measurable outcomes. Organisations that outsource their payroll, save an average of 18% more than those which manage it in-house. As the number of employees in an organisation increases, the cost per payslip produced by an outsourced payroll service decreases. Now who doesn’t want to reduce costs and improve their bottom line?

Powerful and innovative technology at your fingertips

Technological innovation is being developed at an increasingly rapid rate. If organisations don’t put strategies in place to keep up, it will be easy to be left behind. Outsourcing your payroll facilitates the reimagination and transformation of your business. There has been a notable shift for the motivations of outsourcing services. From one based solely on cost, to one which now focusses on collaboration with industry leading services. This shift enables organisations which outsource select services, to utilise the specialty services of their industry partners to innovate, transform and propel their business’ growth. A manoeuvre which sets them ahead of their competitors.

It has been proven that organisations which seize the opportunity to outsource their services such as payroll, are better positioned to have a long-term strategy for growth and a competitive advantage. Outsourcing your payroll with Aurion will allow your organisation to capitalise on the latest technological advancements in payroll software, with limited disruption to your workforce. This includes the implementation process, change and project management through to day-to-day administration of pay runs and queries.

Utilising Aurion’s Managed Payroll Service is more than integrating new technologies, it’s also about creating a digitalised experience for your employees. Our service offerings include an online self-service portal and a mobile application. This empowers your team to take control and action any personal detail updates, leave requests and much more! Such a powerful digital solution for your payroll will let your workforce thrive.

Leave your payroll with the experts

As an Australian built and operated company, we are in prime position to be your payroll partner. Our deep understanding of the local workplace and payroll systems, makes us the experts to manage your payroll. All of our technology and systems have been specifically designed and built on shore for Australian and New Zealand companies.

Our team of Aurion payroll experts have collectively over 750 years of industry experience. We are also proud of our 97% client retention rate, with our very first customer who we onboarded 35 years ago still with us today.

You can feel confident you’ll be fully supported by our local expert team along your payroll solution journey with Aurion.

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