Aurion celebrates Harden the Cup Up Day

Harden the Cup Up Day is an initiative to help reduce the nearly 1.4 billion single-use cups thrown away in Australia and New Zealand each year.

The Aurion Toowong office celebrated Harden the Cup Up Day with a special morning tea to increase awareness of the damage of single-use cups on the environment in a fun and social way. The 35 organisations participating in Harden the Cup Up Day simply had to register to join in and access a suite of promotional material.

Aurion staff all received one of these fancy reusable Eco Cups made from 100% biodegradable bamboo fibre so they had no excuse not to ditch the disposables.

The Aurion cup is decorated with images of growth and prosperity, and at the end of its life will naturally decompose, leaving minimal environmental impact.

There was raffle, with a generous gift of espresso coffee as the prize!

One team member shared a story about his complicated relationship with beverage packaging, and how he overcame his addiction to the wilful over-convenience of disposables.

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