When was the last time you lost valuable data? Was it backed-up?! There’s no pain like the pain of hindsight and self-recrimination – if only you’d saved/secured/duplicated that document/database/device you wouldn’t be experiencing this stress/frustration/embarrassment.

Today is the day to get organised and show your data and devices that you really care about them! It’s World Backup Day, so will you pledge – loudly, in front of witnesses – that you will back-up at least one device today?

Value your data
World Backup Day is a community event to help raise awareness of the importance of data backups and recognise the increasing role data plays in our lives.

It’s sponsored by some of the world’s leading tech companies like Amazon, Dell and Mega, which are responsible for much of our online lives and our personal and financial information. Shouldn’t you value your data as much as those companies?

Loosing files and data is more common than you realise – did you know:

Gain peace-of-mind
Learn how to properly secure and set automatic backups for your devices and accounts with these step by step guides from the Australian Cyber Security Centre.

Measure your organisation against the benchmark advice for resisting cyber threats with the Australian Government Information Security Manual.

If you’ve suffered loss by not backing up, encourage others by sharing your experience with #WorldBackupDay.

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