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Aurion's BeltAurion’s Belt

Aurion installations and upgrades are so easy

Install and upgrade on-premise Aurion environments within minutes

With complex tier 1 on premise application installations, comes a dependence upon local IT teams to have a comprehensive understanding of the installation and maintenance practices.

For the foreseeable future this will remain to be the case, and so Aurion is working to make these practices a much less arduous task.

Enter Aurion’s Belt!

  • Installations – IT teams can now install a new instance of Aurion 11 within minutes. Installations can be a dedicated Application or Web server, a client implementation on a terminal services client (such as Citrix), or a complete Aurion installation with all components on 1 server.
  • Upgrades – Belt grants IT teams the ability to download and upgrade Aurion software environments from within the utility.
  • Maintenance – Belt now allows IT teams the ability to update Aurion configuration files from within the utility.

Aurion is very proud to offer Belt with Aurion 11, and we are yet to see a more comprehensive and easy mechanism for end to end software install, upgrade and maintenance for a tier 1 business application.


Aurion Analytics

HR Analytics at your fingertips

One of the challenges HR Managers face is obtaining accurate and meaningful company data. HR Analytics is a data analysis tool that easily let’s you visualise information obtained from any of the Aurion modules in rich and graphical charts, diagrams and tables.

HR Analytics inclusions:

  • Dashboard Library – pre-configured dashboards which captures historical information, maps forecast information from the Aurion product suite including: Payroll analytics
  • Seamlessly accessible from your Aurion interface – HR Analytics dashboards and menus are integrated into Aurion Core (version 10.4 and 11) and Self Service (version 11) applications, providing easy access for all users.
  • Out-of-the-box self install – HR Analytics work out-of-the box therefore have no additional fees in set-up or configuration. A system administrator can simply install the HR Analytics module to either Aurion version 10.4 or 11 and define user security permissions using any dashboard from the dashboard library (based on purchased Aurion licences).


Our latest HRIS platform

The rapid adoption of mobile technology has made it essential for organisations to ensure their engagement with staff is delivered to where they are and how they work.

Your employees and managers expect enterprise software to be available on their own mobile devices.

Aurion11 features HR and Payroll functions accessible via desktop, tablet and mobile. Employee Self Service is available 24/7 enabling staff to:

  • Be mobile – Employees and managers can utilise Aurion11 from any device, from any location, any time in real-time.
  • Facilitate collaboration – Self Service enables employee and manager interaction and empowers staff to be fully engaged in their own HR management.
  • Drive productivity – By streamlining process and automating workflow Aurion11 drives productivity and efficiency.

Aurion11 comes standard with the Payroll module with the optional talent, productivity and analytics modules which together provides an end-to-end HRIS.


Aurion Connect

Seamlessly connect your enterprise applications

Businesses depend on a range of disparate applications to record, store and track business transactions from finance, talent management and timekeeping. This becomes a challenge when leaders need to consolidate data for reporting or planning. Introducing Aurion Connect, an integration tool that seamlessly integrates with your enterprise architecture allowing your data from external applications to flow into and vice versa via our Aurion Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

Aurion Connect includes:

  • Integration management, configuring traffic in and out of Aurion using fully supported APIs
  • Choice of pre-configured integration processes for common processing tasks
  • Connect Dashbords comprising of a Management dashboard for system administrators inclusive of scheduling and consumption rules and Analytics Dashboards displaying application usage