Australian payroll software has recently seen the launch of transformation projects which incorporate cutting-edge technology into their suite of solutions. With the recent rise in popularity of AI and it’s numerous capabilities (thanks to ChatGPT), it’s now time to showcase how AI can be used in payroll software.

What is AI in Payroll?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the use of automated processes and systems that incorporate machine learning algorithms to accelerate the completion of tasks. This innovative technology can be included in payroll processing in many different ways. Some you may not have thought were possible!

Benefits of AI

The use of AI in processing systems can analyse large amounts of data with precision and speed. This increases the productivity and efficiency of processing payroll by minimising human error. Implementing AI in your business suite will improve the efficiency of your organisation. AI can eliminate tedious and repetitive manual tasks to reach optimal efficiency.

AI-powered chatbots to assist in answering payroll queries

Including AI capabilities within your chatbot will streamline the response process to answering payroll queries. Programming your AI to answer simple queries can reduce the workload of your payroll team. This new configuration would be an excellent addition to the employee self-service suite. A few examples of the functions which AI can assist with in chatbots include:

  • providing solutions to queries
  • links to resources
  • directing employees to a person within your payroll team for further escalation

Employees will be able to ask questions 24/7. This will improve the response process and provide employees with solutions quickly. These chatbots are able to handle large volumes of queries. Unlike your payroll team who are restricted by the number of hours they work, and have higher priority tasks to attend to.

Improve inter-departmental communication

The powerful AI tool can enhance communication between departments within an organisation. It can automate and predict processes for tasks such as:

  • filling out forms
  • determining recipients of communications
  • submitting support requests

Using AI for automation can link departments such as Human Resources and Payroll with ease, instead of relying on tedious, manual and ineffective communication methods. Enhance administrative processes and reduce the workload of your team by using AI to improve communication.

Improve Timekeeper functions

Minimise the risk of miscalculations by improving the functions of Timekeeper using AI. Through machine learning, you can track employee activity to predict and forecast work patterns. All while dedicated algorithms can assist in reviewing timesheets to ensure their accuracy. This smart tech can use AI to improve Timekeeper functionality, strengthening the accuracy of tracking your employee’s timesheets to create accurate costing forecasts.

Smart roster management

AI can incorporate a smart roster management solution into your payroll and business processes. Automate the creation of your rosters by predicting elements such as:

  • work patterns
  • employee attendance
  • insights related to cost and performance optimisation

This can improve the prediction of staffing requirements. Additionally, AI can predict employee availability based on external factors. These external factors could include seasonal demand, holidays, public events, weather forecasts and more!

Payroll systems powered by AI can use predictive analytics to forecast the scheduling needs and financial projections of your workforce. This allows organisations to anticipate and plan changes to their team requirements and allocate resources efficiently to meet demand, by leaning on AI-led smart roster management tools.

Driving innovations in people and payroll

There are some revolutionary innovations coming into payroll technology. At Aurion, we are currently working to make life better and deliver the next powerful people and payroll solution. We’re modernising the Australian payroll software space with the development of some exciting upcoming projects. Our goal is to continue our legacy of over 35 years of providing superior people and payroll solutions.

It’s exciting to see what new technologies such as AI are being used in payroll!

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