Our team work hard to expand on the powerful features and helpful tools to add to our Aurion solutions. This is to ensure our customers continue to receive outstanding people and payroll solutions. We have some very exciting features in our 11.86 software release (log in required) to make life work better for our customers.

Improve the functionality of your payroll management system

A new BPA to use even more of your data in Aurion as we offer streamlined payroll software solutions to make life work better. Our latest addition to our extensive list of BPAs will support users to ‘read from’ and ‘write to’ when using text file process steps. This is in addition to performing file and directory functions. Our new BPA has the ability to read and write fixed length, delimited or raw data type files.

HR and cloud payroll software with more ways to help

We have improved the usability of our ‘Function Help’ for Uniface Functions. When encountering the popup for ‘Function Help’, it will now remember your last selected function. While working on these improvements, additional existing functions have been included to the online help catalogue. The recent expansion of our online help catalogue increases the ease of access for our customers to access helpful resources to maximise the full potential of their Aurion people and payroll solution.

Enhance your STP2 payroll processing

We have added a new status which will assist in handling ‘stuck messages’ when processing your pay. What are stuck messages in payroll? Stuck messages can occur when you are not able to obtain the outcome for an STP payload within 72 hours of it being submitted to the Australian Tax Office (ATO). Our solution to this roadblock when processing your payloads is to now offer a new selection to the pop up menu received after encountering a ‘stuck message’. Users will now be provided the option to select an action taken to resolve this status in order to continue with your STP processing. This new function allows your payroll team to continue with their processing activities, and not be hindered by having to wait for our payload submission to the ATO.

Expanded API integration library

We have made some new additions to our extensive API library. Our newest APIs lets you manage and process large volumes of your Aurion data with our new automation. Process your large payroll claims in a record amount of time! Your team will assist in providing a more automated approach to your people and payroll processing.

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