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Aurion Utilities

Aurion Utilities software solutions are all about streamlining HR & Payroll processes to deliver better quality outcomes in a timely manner. From mobile employee Self Service, Business Process Automation (BPA) through to Connect our integration tool, we’ve got your productivity covered.

Productivity made easy

Aurion Utilities improve and streamline workflows to enable you to complete frequent tasks accurately and efficiently.

Aurion Utilities tools include:

Employee, Manager and Administrator Self Service

More employees are now choosing to view work related content from their mobile devices. The Aurion HRIS platform features mobile Self Service enabling employees, managers and administrators to automate paper-based processes online such as leave application, leave approval, timekeeping, expense claims and checking leave balances. The Aurion HRIS platform is optimised for mobile devices, allowing employees to conveniently carry out these tasks intuitively from anywhere, anytime. Find out more

Connect Aurion with external applications

For customers that have external applications that require data integration with Aurion, we offer Aurion Connect, an integration tool that seamlessly allows for two-way plug-and-play. We have a range of out-of-the-box integration flows for widely used systems such as SAP, Oracle and Workday. Find out more

Business Processes Automation (BPA)

Business Process Automation (BPA) is a sophisticated tool for building interactive web and non-interactive applications to automate and simplify HR and Payroll processes. Improve productivity, reduce costs, implement best practice, promote internal collaboration and manage risk through effective HR governance.


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