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Aurion Payroll Software Systems

There is no mistaking payroll as being an important business function that needs to be done accurately and consistently. Aurion Payroll software and service solutions can help you simplify the payroll process and ensure your people are paid correctly, on time, every time.

Aurion delivers intuitive administered and outsourced payroll systems to businesses within Australia and around the globe, putting flexibility and precision at your fingertips. Featuring full-service modules, easy to use Self Service and automated compliance with Australian regulations, our Payroll Super Engine system works effortlessly behind the scenes to streamline your organisation’s payroll requirements and processes.

Easily adaptable to every type of business and employee, Aurion payroll software and systems have the capacity to handle even the most complex pay demands with ease and efficiency. Having distributed billions of dollars in salary, superannuation and expenses to businesses every year, our powerful and accurate payroll services are built to save you time, money and resources.

Payroll is made simple with Aurion. Discover the difference today.

Aurion – The Payroll Super Engine

Paying people is mission critical no matter what your organisation does and ensuring that your business follows best practice procedures to ensure that critical legal requirements are met as well as preventing your business from paying thousands of dollars in legal fines. Great payroll solutions operate out of sight and out of mind yet are robust and flexible enough to easily handle the most complex change requirements that regulation, law and compliance demand.

You and your employees need confidence that your payroll system delivers all pay and benefit outcomes accurately no matter how complex things get.

For three decades, Aurion has worked tirelessly to build what we like to think of as a Super-Engine, designed specifically for the most complex pay environment on Earth – Australia. We continue to develop our payroll software to provide unprecedented levels of automation, simplicity and flexibility to businesses both large and small.

Fulltime, part-time, contract, volunteer, on-shore, off-shore and more – we are proud to cater for every type of worker.

Our payroll engine (including payroll, leave, timekeeping and reporting modules) deliver:

  • Low operating costs
  • Automation and efficiency
  • Security
  • Employee-self service
  • Mobility
  • Ease of use
  • Flexibility

At Aurion, we are here to make complex things simple. Contact us today.

A Comprehensive Payroll Solution

Our powerful payroll software platform integrates six modules which cover every aspect of your workforce pay requirements. Aurion’s Payroll platform will help you implement best practice procedures by automating aspects of the payroll function within your business and ensuring that it is completed with accuracy and timeliness.


Pay your employees accurately, consistently and on-time. Automate all the necessary pay components including PAYG tax and super contributions and prevent errors and surprises.


Restructure leave processing for all your employees regardless of their individual entitlements, work patterns and hours, facilitating precise and timely management of leave requests, approvals and administering.

Organisation and People

Monitor positions, groups, departments and organisation structures of your employees and add and edit where necessary, to ensure up-to-date and accurate employee data at all times.

Timekeeper and Award Interpreter

Aurion simplifies the complicated task of tracking time and interpreting awards so that your organisation and maintain efficiency, productivity and compliance.

Salary and Benefits

Manage employee salary packages, benefit plans, payroll and tax liability and expenses aligned with employment packages to facilitate proper monitoring and supervision right across the board.

Self Service

Give employees, managers and administrators the freedom and flexibility to manage their own payroll timesheets, leave requests and benefits from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

Combined, these modules enable accurate and cost-effective management of your employee payroll to deliver a powerful, intuitive and full-service payroll solution for organisations of all sizes.

Flexible Self Service for Employees, Managers and Administrators

Experience true mobility with Aurion’s employee, manager and administrator Self Service. Fully integrated into our payroll programs or available on its own, Self Service gives every member of your workforce 24/7 access to their payroll management from any device, and in any location.

Enjoy collaboration, interaction and engagement from wherever you are. Your business can eliminate paperwork entirely with timekeeping, leave applications and approvals, leave balances and expense claims easily and instantly accessible in real-time from mobiles and tablets.

Responsive designed and intuitive, Aurion Self Service will streamline payroll processes to drive a more productive and efficient workflow. Go mobile today.

A Payroll System That Works With Your Business

Our Payroll Super Engine (including payroll, leave, timekeeping and reporting modules) delivers:

  • Low operating costs: Take control of your payroll in-house without the added expenses of a professional service.
  • Automation and efficiency: Eliminate the possibility of manual data entry errors with a fully automated payroll system, built to adapt to every pay environment for programmed calculation, delivery, updates and reporting.
  • Security: Developed with the highest security standards and online access protocols, your private employee information remains confidential and secure.
  • Full compliance: Ensure compliance with all Australian standards and regulations through regular and automatic updates and audits.
  • Employee, Manager and Administrator Self Service: Aurion payroll programs enable real-time access from anywhere, at any time, to improve data quality, reduce administrative costs and increase efficiency across the board.
  • Mobility: Every member of your organisation from employees to management can organise their payroll on the go, without having to print or email pay information or paperwork.
  • Ease of use: Simple to learn and operate, our intuitive payroll software is suitable for businesses both large and small regardless of your level of IT knowledge or accounting expertise.
  • Flexibility: Tailor your software to your organisation with customised reporting tools, payslip creation and processing.

Secure Payroll Outsourcing Solutions

Aurion also offers a unique, onshore payroll service for businesses looking to outsource their payroll and focus on their core business operations. Our secure onsite presence and dedicated team of industry-leading payroll experts mean your employees are paid correctly and on time, every time.

We can help you reduce your business expenditure by more than halving the cost of an in-house payroll team, and ensure a 100% accurate payroll compliant to all Australian standards. You’ll have direct access to our specialist teams through a variety of delivery models, tailored to you and your business. From in-house software to administered and fully outsourced payroll, our product offering can be easily customised to suit your payroll requirements.

With secure, reliable data storage and local infrastructure, you can ensure accuracy and timeliness with our established payroll software and team of payroll professionals who are close by and available for support, software training, implementation and configuration.

As part of our outsourced payroll services, you’ll also have access to our three expert teams when and where you need it, collaborating to keep everything running smoothly.

  • Governance Team: Your dedicated audit and compliance team will perform regular, independent audits and quality reviews to make sure you are always fully compliant.
  • Innovation Team: Improve the efficiency and structure of your pay processes, reduce your costs and improve your service with thorough reviews of your existing procedures and expert advice.
  • Payroll Processing Team: Your processing and administrative team will manage all aspects of your payroll to help you reduce risk, save time and money, and ensure all your employees are paid accurately and efficiently.

Learn more about our secure payroll outsourcing solutions and drive continuous business improvement by leaving your payroll to the experts.

Leading the Way in Automated Payroll Systems

Aurion is proud to deliver premium payroll software Australia and worldwide to keep businesses of every type and size operating at their peak. We work with you to develop a custom-built and effective payroll solution, whether you want to maintain full control or outsource it completely.

Our flexible and intuitive payroll system powers workplace efficiency and productivity through automation, mobility and simplicity. With the ability to cater to every type of worker and workplace, our payroll services and software will keep things running smoothly behind the scenes to ensure an accurate and consistent pay environment that you and your employees can rely on.

Discover the difference our Payroll Super Engine can make to your business and streamline your payroll with Aurion today.


Aurion Payroll Onboarding

You’ve just found the perfect hire. Now give them the perfect launchpad using Aurion Payroll Onboarding.

With Aurion Payroll Onboarding, invite your new hire to complete their paperwork – online – before day one. Because all the paperwork is done online – and automatically updated in Aurion – there’s no manual data entry on your end. Saving your Payroll team hours of work.

With their own personal login, new hires can view a welcome video. Give them an overview of your organisation and key information so they can hit the ground running on their very first day.

The Payroll Onboarding portal can be tailored to your organisation’s unique needs. Or create multiple portals for different business entities.  And there’s no integration with third party systems required.

Redefine your payroll onboarding today. Say goodbye to piles of paperwork. Save time.

Aurion Payroll Onboarding – it’s a pleasure to welcome new hires.


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