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At Aurion, we’ve developed PayGo, the ultimate small business payroll solution for businesses just like yours. We understand that as your business grows, it can put pressure on your in-house payroll system. Now there’s absolutely no reason to process your payroll in-house. After all, your team’s time is better spent growing your business rather than getting caught up with accounting.

PayGo gives you 100% guaranteed compliance, accuracy and reliability

PayGo delivers cost-efficiency and the peace of mind of 100% compliance, accuracy and reliability. Plus, PayGo is quick to set up and designed with the ever-changing employment landscape in mind. Different working arrangements such as contractors and distributed staff are no problem for PayGo.

A special introductory offer

We’re so excited about helping small business out, we’re offering a free set-up and no processing fees for your first pay cycle.* You’ll never look back once you have PayGo.

*For a limited time only. Only available for new sign-ups to the PayGo service and minimum contract period applies. PayGo service is available to customers meeting service eligibility criteria. Offer includes complimentary service set-up and waiving of Aurion processing fees associated with your first pay event. Offer does not include processing fees incurred from non-payrun activities or employee payments.

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