Aurion has created the solution to one of your biggest payroll challenges. We know that finding relevant data storage options within your payroll system can be a frustrating process. This is why we have created Aurion Extend.

Our team developed Aurion Extend as your solution to safely and securely store data that your organisation requires. It allows for optimal data storage, and allows you to organise your Aurion data to meet the unique needs of your organisation. Aurion Extend offers the bridge between data storage and payroll, that is missing from any other payroll and HCMS software in Australia.

How Aurion Extend can successfully store and utilise data

Aurion Extend lets you create and secure relevant structured data sets. These can be linked to employees, persons, organisation units, positions, surveys or simply stand alone. We call them ‘data stores’. These examples are just the beginning! The only limitation for using this product is your imagination. We are easily able to tailor your solution to accommodate any configuration that you require.

Data stores can be modified to suit any form of data and can be used within the Aurion environment. They can be customised for each individual organisation’s payroll or human resources needs. This flexible solution offers full customisation and integration options. To keep track of your data, you are able to create your own dashboards to view real-time data insights. This solution saves time and resources by utilising the pre-programmed data calculations to make life work better for your people and payroll processes. For example, in the health or aged care industry, workers may require certain vaccinations to visit specific sites. With Aurion Extend, you are able to see which workers are permitted to attend each site depending on their vaccination status.

Let’s talk about payroll security

Privacy and security are fundamental for our products and services. We understand the importance of payroll security, and that payroll data by nature contains personal and confidential details. At Aurion, we handle all personal information with integrity and care. See here for more information on our payroll security policy. Our Aurion Extend product has been constructed with the native security capabilities of Aurion. It also has the additional capability to password protect individual data stores, and set permissions so only certain users can update or read specific data. All of this adds an extra level of protection to your payroll data. Not only that, but our product is ISO9001 and ISO27001 certified to give you extra piece of mind surrounding the security of your data.

Bridging the gap between data stores and integration

Aurion Extend furthers our payroll integration strategy to make your payroll solution work better for you. Our focus on payroll API integration allows your Aurion solution and integration partners to capitalise on their system functions and capabilities to make your payroll process easier.

To put this incredible technology into perspective, an analysis of past integrations demonstrated that up to 49 different APIs were used to integrate an external application into Aurion. In comparison, using Aurion Extend can reduce this to only 1 API, how uncomplicated is that!

Our Aurion payroll solutions are as unique as you are, and Aurion Extend has been designed to continue this practice. We have the flexibility to work with your unique and diverse workforce to provide a specialised solution for your data stores to make life work better.

Support with your payroll

Aurion Extend offers all customers the ability to produce their own custom data stores. We support you by providing online instructions and access to Aurion Extend Core Online Help.

Aurion Extend is available to customers who have the BPA Toolkit and an Aurion Create License. There are advanced features of Aurion Extend which include linking panels and programming buttons to run BPA scripts. If you plan on using these functions, we recommend speaking to our Aurion experts for further training.

Let’s chat!

Aurion Extend offers a smooth, seamless transition to your new payroll solution, all in one place! This is a unique service which you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Aurion Extend is the answer to your question, “why change payroll systems?”.

If you are an existing customer who is interested in adding Aurion Extend to your current solution, please reach out to your dedicated Account Manager for further information.

For your most uncomplicated payroll data solution, speak with our expert team. Our Aurion payroll specialists are available to discuss how Aurion Extend can be used in your ultimate payroll solution! You can reach our experienced team by:

We’re excited to work with you to make life work better!