We have been able to incorporate a number of exciting updates in Aurion Version 11.90 (log in required), but we have gone through and picked some of our favourites which you can check out below!

Enhanced employee experience with our updated onboarding portal

We have made it easier than ever for our customer community to use our Onboarding Portal. One of the new features in our latest release is the addition of page instructions to relevant sections and headings found in the onboarding portal. This lets Aurion Administrations create a clear and consistent flow of steps for new employees when completing onboarding tasks, leading to a better user and employee experience and an improved onboarding journey.

Perhaps the most notable feature of this release is the functionality to onboard users who are based and reside in New Zealand. With the same look, feel and experience of our existing portal, when setting up a New Zealand employee and selecting this field upon set-up the respective Tax, Super and Banking sections will now be applied based on the selected region. This additional feature allows organisations to now onboard employees who are based in either Australia or New Zealand and have the required fields automatically applied for these region options. Talk about flexibility for your workforce!

An additional update to our onboarding process is to pre-load details for returning employees. If an employee has previously been entered into your organisation’s database, then their previously recorded tax details will be loaded into the relevant fields automatically. This saves your team valuable time and reduces the amount of manual labour needed to complete simple onboarding tasks.

More accessibility options for Aurion ESS using screen readers

Our team improved our Employee Self Service (ESS) portal for users who utilise screen readers and assistive technologies. Drop-down selectors and combo boxes have been enhanced to provide a better user experience and more aligned compatibility for those who utilise screen readers to access Aurion ESS.  

Payroll compliance in our latest software update

Legislation and compliance updates are always considered when putting together our storyboard for upcoming releases. We have included a routine compliance update to renew the credentials of our natively integrated ATO Gateway. This is a routine process

which forms part of our rigorous compliance protocols to ensure our continued alignment to our processes, and ensures that all software provider details are up-to-date so our customers can access the ATO Gateway, uninterrupted.

Another feature of this release to assist customers in keeping compliant, relates to the finalisation of the APS Bargaining Agreement. The Australian Public Sector (APS) Statement of Common Conditions was recently finalised and will impact organisations in the Federal Government who are required to adhere to this Enterprise Agreement. To assist our customers with implementing these changes, we have enhanced the classification allowances to include effective date ranges. Making it easier for agencies who are impacted to configure these requirements in their Aurion solution.

Improvements for your monthly pay cycle

More and more organisations are choosing to pay their employees monthly. With benefits such as saving in labor costs, familiarity of pay dates among employees and improving cashflow, we have improved our solutions to more precisely balance out pay calculations for employees who have a change of work pattern and are paid monthly.

There is now an improved equalisation of monthly pay cycles for when employees make a singular work pattern change during the one-month period. This eliminates the need for your payroll team to manually update and equalise the transaction, which ultimately saves time when processing payroll while improving accuracy.

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