More Support For Your Business During COVID-19

Businesses in Australia and New Zealand affected by COVID-19 have several government support options open to them, and if our customers’ payroll needs support, Aurion is ready and waiting to lend a hand.

Even though the big-spending JobKeeper payment scheme has come and gone, governments in Australia – and New Zealand – continue to offer financial support to eligible employers.

In Australia, the whole-of-government website for the Australian business community breaks down COVID-19 financial support for employers in each Australian jurisdiction. In addition to the payroll tax exemptions and disaster payments at the state and territory level, the JobMaker hiring credit scheme and support for employers with new apprentices are available nation-wide.

In New Zealand (kia ora!), following the rise in alert levels announced by the Prime Minister on 17 August 2021, significant support is available for businesses operating in New Zealand. The two main measures are dependent on the declared Alert Level, and include the Wage Subsidy Scheme (WSS) to help eligible businesses keep paying staff and protect jobs, and the Resurgence Support Payment (RSP) to help employers with one-off costs. As with many Australian jurisdictions, organisations impacted by COVID-19 in New Zealand can apply for a tax repayment plan or the remission of penalties and interest caused by late tax payments.

Support for Aurion payroll
Aurion wants to remind our customers in Australia and New Zealand that we can support your payroll team at short notice, however you access the Aurion solution: through a hosted service, in the Aurion Cloud, or with our staff as a managed payroll service.

After more than 30 years in business, Aurion is the trusted, long-term partner of hundreds of firms and government agencies, and has taken a fair share of emergency action to ensure our customers’ payroll is delivered on time in the most challenging circumstances.

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