At Aurion, we have a legacy extending over 35 years of providing compliant and proven payroll and HR solutions. Our team are the experts who can launch optimised integration strategies that are customised to work for your organisation. We have strategically formulated our integration strategy to perform data transformation, mapping, error handling, archiving and system updates. Most importantly, our integration solutions are formulated to empower our customers and remove the need for middleware. This saves on the unnecessary cost for additional software, while also preserving time that would have been wasted on dealing with frustrating and pesky systems.

First of all, let’s start with what integration is and why it will make life work better for your people and payroll solution. Integration connects systems that on their own are incompatible and unable to talk to each other. It allows separate programs and applications to unite and mesh together to seamlessly communicate and exchange information.

Our people and payroll software has the capacity to integrate external software, and can uncomplicate your entire payroll process. By having an Aurion integrated payroll solution, you are able to increase the productivity of your payroll team. This time saver lets your team focus on the job at hand instead of trying to navigate complicated systems!

Aurion’s integration strategy centres around the interoperability among a variety of systems. To align with this focus, we have developed our products to include web services (SOAP, REST APIs), flat file and gateway services for secure data transmission. We understand our customers utilise multiple applications to assist with the people and payroll process. This is why within the Aurion environment, there are thousands of interfaces and integrations, keeping your software eco-systems vibrant and alive. Maximising the efficiency of your integration strategy.

Secure and compliant payroll

Our Aurion solutions are backed by our security and compliance guarantee. As industry leaders in payroll, remaining secure and compliant is at the forefront of what we do. Throughout our suite of people and payroll solutions, you can be confident that they are designed and executed to remain compliant with our ISO9001 and ISO27001 security certifications. Further to the security certifications of our on-shore built solutions, we engage with an external auditing provider to hold ISAE3402 accreditations for controls at a service organisation. This advances our ongoing commitment to ensure that we provide an ultimately secure compliant people and payroll solution for your organisation.

Guide to the integration process for your employee payroll at Aurion

We want our customers to be the experts of their Aurion people and payroll solution. Integration is an essential part of having a holistic payroll system, but how does Aurion approach it?

Step 1 – Data Transport & API Integration

Data transport is a two-way street. A system needs to be configured to receive incoming information that it is being sent, in addition to being able to send outgoing information to another system.

Let’s get technical, what is API integration? An API (Application Programming Interface) is the method that lets different software communicate with each other. It acts as the messenger from one application to the other, by delivering and retrieving data between different software. Each API facilitates the integration and interfacing between every individual piece of software and your organisations overall integration strategy.

Now we’ll investigate how Aurion supports both incoming and outgoing APIs to facilitate the data transport process in your integration strategy.


Aurion has created endpoints which maximise the support of APIs, and supports both SOAP and REST protocols to connect to the web services of your applications. Our software also has the capability to support flat files such as .CSV and .TXT in both ‘column’ and labelled list formats.


We have a built-in secure web service connector and API library which allows your Aurion solution to share data in real-time over the web for web-service enabled applications. All incoming and outgoing data transferred via API integrations and web services are provided with a secure connection, validation via the Aurion security framework, and accurate reporting and management of all session traffic.

Step 2 – Process Orchestration

This is one of the most crucial components of Aurion’s integration strategy which differentiates us from other payroll options in the Australian market, our process orchestration. Automation is one thing, but to have a truly effective integration strategy you must have process orchestration built-in.

Process orchestration allows our payroll integration strategy to work better, smarter and more strategically for our customers. What is process orchestration?

The process consists of defining and orchestrating the timing, structures and methods of data interchanges between your organisations’ systems. It includes executing, monitoring, manipulating and managing data that is shared between each external application used within your organisations integration strategy. This is important to ensure business processes across a variety of systems used in tandem work well with the Aurion Core product.

Step 3 – Integration Management

To have an effective integration strategy is to look beyond the core process. We make sure that your optimised solution is maintained by having safeguards in place and an ongoing management plan.

Following the implementation of your customised integration strategy into your Aurion system, you will need to monitor and manage these integrations.

What sets Aurion apart, is the ability to provide clarity and control of the information which is exchanged through an integration management tool.

Customers are able to log in to their system, and see the data being provided by each source. This allows for total transparency of the data that is being used, and provides the opportunity and the tools to correct any errors that arise. This is the unique offering that the Aurion integration toolkit can do for you!

Streamline Payroll with Aurion

Our purpose is to support your payroll needs by providing solutions to let your workforce thrive. We don’t like to complicate things, including your integration strategy. Which is why we have developed a solution to make the integration process as uncomplicated as possible. All while maintaining the integrity of the data kept in your Aurion system, and assisting you to pay your employees correctly.

The Aurion integration solution can be fully configured without the need for third-party tools or licenses. This means that you are saving money as well as time by making the switch to Aurion. Beyond your Aurion solution, is unlimited access to our range of help and support materials. A few of these inclusions are our online help and e-Learning platform Aurion Campus, and your own dedicated Account Manager for the lifetime of your Aurion partnership.

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