Our recent version 11.85 update (log in required) has incorporated recent legislation and regulation changes to Single Touch Payroll – Phase 2 (STP2) and Family and Domestic Violence Leave payslip requirements. This is in addition to some impressive new features and enhancements to existing functions.

Compliance update

STP2 compliance update for higher duties

We have consulted the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and The Association for Payroll Specialists (TAPS) to implement a new method of reporting higher duties. This change is in line with recently announced legislative changes. Previously, the process of reporting higher duties for Acting Placements was automated. The version 11.85 update will remove this automation, in order to keep your people and payroll compliant.

New Family and Domestic Violence Leave (FDVL) payslip requirement now available­­

Fair Work announced changes to the new paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave payslip requirements after it came into effect on 1 February 2023. The new payslip requirement which was announced on 4 February 2023, state that the amount paid to employees for this leave type must be recorded as if they had worked their normal hours. The only exception to this amendment is if the employee gives explicit permission to have this leave type paid as an allowance, bonus or overtime payment.

As this change was announced after the Paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave came into effect on 1 February 2023, a grace period of implementing this compliance update has been provided. The grace period ends on 4 June 2023, and by which time all software providers including Aurion must provide a solution in their payroll software system for this change.

In accordance with this change, we have provided a business rule as a solution to this compliance update in Aurion version 11.85 for organisations to adopt ahead of this deadline.

If you want to learn more about this new, our blog New paid Family and Domestic Violence leave: Is your payroll ready? is a great place to start!

For our customers who require further information on how to implement changes relating to the new paid FDVL entitlements, please see our dedicated FAQs page (log in required).

New features

More functionality with a new API for survey answer codes

We have expanded our extensive API library to include a new API which will increase the functionality of your survey answer codes. This new API will let you enjoy the convenience of being able to add, modify and delete survey answer codes.

Include images for control fields with Aurion Extend

A new visual feature has been developed which allows the use of image files in Aurion Extend panels. The possibilities for using this feature are endless! Include visual indicators such as red or green dots to gain a quick visual representation of data and their record status.

Continuous improvement to make life work better

Improved efficiency in submitting leave requests in Self-service

We have improved the efficiency of submitting leave through our Self-service application with the new functionality of being able to group leave occurrences by leave type. There is now the option when submitting leave to filter the options available from a drop down selection, then selecting the leave occurrence group instead of scrolling through one extensive list. This optional setting can be implemented by users with administrative access to make life work better for all employees who need to submit leave.

Easier navigation and management of employee specific messages

We have added a new tab in employee pay records. This makes it easier to display messages directed to individual employees which have not been actioned. A new tab has been created when viewing an employee’s profile in response to the pop-up alert, “Employee has messages that have not been actioned”. This alert is displayed in the Message Line when accessing an employee’s pay records, centralising and streamlining individual employee management.

Improvements to employee profile reporting

There have been improvements made to generating an Employee Profile Report. These improvements include:

  • merging multiple individual reports into a single PDF file
  • set an output filename and path
  • merged PDF outputs are produced with a timestamp
  • employee numbers and last name can be incorporated into the name of the file

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