The landscape of work has gone through significant changes over the past two years. This is due to the work from home directive as a result of the global pandemic, and the following evolution and advancement of technology.

Here at Aurion, we have long been used to flexible working arrangements, with remote working options being available to our team for several years. So let’s hear some work from home success stories from our team, and their advice for you.

Our remote team that have shared their wisdom for working remotely are:

  • Chantal Tinios, Senior Solution Consultant
  • Paul Sherrington, Sales Executive
  • Presh Roe, Marketing Specialist
  • Jacqui Le Grand, Senior Payroll Consultant
Work Life Balance

We always hear how work-life balance is important. But how do you include it in a remote work setting?

Chantal offers her advice for how she includes work life balance strategies into her work day, “Take regular breaks, because it’s really hard to separate life from work.” She continues, “It’s really easy to just keep working and not have that natural end at your day. And the same for taking breaks.” Chantal adds, “I think you have to be really disciplined to stop and then move away and change your environment, like walking out of the room and go somewhere else.”

It is also important to keep track of your hours worked, and to not do any unapproved overtime. This extends to not starting work early, and to shut your work devices off after your work day is finished. Jacqui says, “It’s an easy temptation without the daily commute to start work early. But it is important to not work the additional hours you would have spent commuting.”

Working from home with family

Set expectations and boundaries with your household. Working remotely is not only important for you, but also for the people you live with. Whether this is your family or friends, it is important to have a conversation about what “working remotely” means to you and also to them.

Paul is a seasoned remote worker and explains, “Have a conversation with who you live with, in my case, wife and child and talk about expectations. What are your expectations of them? And also, what are their expectations of you in terms of how is this going to work?”

This discussion can include:

  • Boundaries for when they can talk to you during work hours
  • Your designated work space
  • Where you will take meetings
  • The hours you will be working
Tax deductions working from home

One of the perks you need to be aware of (if you’re not already) are what you can claim working from home. It is best to consult your tax agent or visit the Australian Taxation Office for financial advice specific to you, and for how to claim working from home expenses. However we have put together some of the deductions you could be claiming to give you an idea. These include:

  • Phone expenses
  • Internet
  • Electricity
  • Office furniture (Desk, chairs, stationery etc)
  • Devices (Laptop, desktop, other technical accessories etc.)

Keeping a log of your expenses and copies of receipts will make it easier come tax time. It is best to do your own research to maximise the permissible deductions, “Don’t short-change yourself, understand that there’s a lot of deductions that can be legitimately accepted by the Tax Office for the cost of working from home.” Paul says.

Track your work tasks

It’s very easy to be distracted at home, which is why staying up-to-date with your work agenda is important to keep you on track.

To achieve this, Presh recommends, “Keep a little list that you send out to key people that you work with, to make sure that everyone’s all up to date. Having that list to show where things are at is quite helpful.” Being realistic about what is achievable will help to prevent stress and burnout. Consult with your team leader if you are unsure of their expectations of your workload.

By being organised and having good time-management skills, you are setting yourself up to optimise your time working from home.

Jacqui explains, “My number one tip is to be focused, you need to be organized and be able to manage priorities and have good time management skills to manage a high volume workload, yet maintain that work life balance.”

Learn your tech

Something you will have to prepare for while working remotely is to continuously dedicate time to learn about your tech. Whether this is your laptop, software, phone or wi-fi, more often than not it will be up to you to troubleshoot any tech issues that come up.   Jacqui explains her experience, “You really do need to be technically savvy, because you need to be able to troubleshoot and be willing to undertake self-learning. I can’t just walk over to the IT guys and quickly ask the question. So you do need to be a little bit technically savvy in that sense.”

Be professional in your work from home space

The final tip which our team shared was to treat your remote workspace as you would in an office. From an ergonomically friendly set-up to taking pride in how you present yourself, it is important to maintain a sense of professionalism. This sets you up to succeed both mentally and physically in a remote working environment.

“My final tip is that you need to have an ergonomically friendly office setup. Which includes high speed internet, dual monitors, noise cancelling headsets. As well as being  away from the distractions of the household noise. I always get dressed and be well groomed because at any time I can be in an urgent client meeting.” Jacqui also adds that she uses an approved background for client meetings to continue her professionalism while working from home.

Flexible Working Arrangements at Aurion

At Aurion, we are constantly looking to make life work better for our customers and our team. Our initiative to implement flexible working arrangements, has let our team experience the benefits of working remotely. It is also one of the many reasons why we have been recognised as a HRD Employer of Choice 2022. If having a strong work-life balance is important to you, you can have a look at our current vacancies and see if there is a role that is right for you. We are always on the hunt for new talent to join our ever expanding team.

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