Our latest software release, Aurion version 11.83 (log in for access) is now ready for customers to implement. Feedback from our customers is always welcome, and is how we make life work better for your payroll system. We have incorporated our customer feedback into the latest software release. For this release, we have made changes that have a strong focus on user experience and customisation.

Some of the other exciting upgrades include changes to the submission process of Annual Leave, more modules added to our online resource library and updated configurations for STP2 reporting.

Further customisation options

We love customisation! Which is why we have added to the very long list of how you can tailor your Aurion payroll solution to work best for you.

There have been new customisation options added to the onboarding portal. Our new options include the ability to customise specific fields of superannuation, emergency contacts, tax and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) you want to include or exclude in your organisation’s process. This new customisable feature allows you to determine which of the elements in these fields you wish to be shown or hidden, and whether they are optional or mandatory.

New Resources to assist you in your Aurion Journey

Our final topics to complete the “Aurion Extend Advanced Help” section have landed in Aurion Online Help. We walk you through the steps of some of the more advanced features of Aurion Extend. The final module can assist with: linking panels, adding buttons to panels, advanced BPA editor functions, importing and exporting data store definitions.

If you haven’t heard, we have revamped our Aurion Campus. Check it out to continue your Aurion learning journey.

Easier ways to track your Leave Balances & Requests

We have added a new “Audit Log” to keep track of your leave applications and approvals which are processed through the self-service and mobile app. The Audit Log places a time stamp for every stage of the leave request journey. This feature has been implemented to accompany the entire lifecycle of each leave request. Meaning any submission, modification, approval or rejection made for each individual request will have a date and time stamp attached. Our customers have told us that they want to be able to display employee leave balances in weeks, and we listened! This additional format will be available in the mobile app when users

download the latest upgrade. A new solution to further our compliance with payroll legislation, and to add more options to keep our customers happy!

Reporting update for customers live in production with Single Touch Payroll – Phase 2 (STP2)

For customers live in production with STP2, they will now be able to reconcile payloads correctly within the Aurion environment. All previous reports to the ATO should be correct, it is just those within the Aurion system which were affected by an incorrect configuration. This has now been resolved. Customers live in production for STP2 should follow instructions to re-run the report outlined in the 11.83 release notes to reconcile the Gross Disaggregation Grand Total amount.

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