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Superloop - powerful reporting and improved payroll

Superloop is an independent provider of connectivity services designing, constructing and operating networks throughout the Asia Pacific metro region. Planning for a new payroll and HR system was in flight in late 2018 when Aurion was brought on board to fulfil Superloop’s payroll and reporting needs.

On-time project delivery

Superloop opted for Aurion’s self-managed payroll suite hosted on Aurion’s AWS cloud, complimented by an optional Learning & Development solution. The contract was signed in November 2018 and was operational by March 2019. Considering the break over the holiday season, this was the time frame Superloop expected.

Although some of the team were already experienced in using Aurion, others weren’t, but were able to make use of the system very quickly.

Supporting organisational restructure

Reporting was one of Superloop’s key requirements for their new payroll and HR system, and with constant change within the Superloop environment, the new functionality really helped.

Ashleigh Loughnan, Group Head of People & Culture commented,

“The benefits we got from the data was significant. Immediately after the Aurion implementation we had a period of organisational change, and we were able to analyse the data properly throughout and following this time. Drilling down on what needed to change and what did change was really helpful and we wouldn’t have been able to do that properly with the previous system.”

“My advice for anyone in the same situation would be not to go for a one-size-fits-all solution. We found a best-of-breed approach to work best for us,” continued Ashleigh.

“Make sure payroll is prioritised above and beyond anything else, and everything else will follow.”

Key factors for success:

  • Clear and effective training
  • Insightful reporting function
  • Prioritisation of specific solutions

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