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Suncare Community Services update and streamline their payrollSuncare provides in-home care services throughout Southeast and Central Queensland. They had been seeking to update and streamline their legacy payroll system for number of reasons, one of which was that their software wasn’t compliant to the new requirements of the ATO-mandated single-touch-payroll. After surveying the market with their rigorous compliance needs front of mind, Suncare chose Aurion.

“Aurion’s mature processes and ability to collaborate and adapt to our unique requirements made updating our payroll system to comply with the ATO’s single-touch-payroll deadline a highly rewarding experience. Despite an unavoidable change in our requirements, Aurion worked together with us as a team, toward a common goal, which was one of the main reasons why the project was a success.” – Priscilla Stollznow, Suncare Project Manager – Customer Information Systems (CIS)

Collaboration key to success

As part of Suncare’s broader technology upgrade, in addition to finding a new payroll and HR system that was ready for the STP deadline, they were also implementing a Client Information System (CIS) at the same time.

The new CIS was supposed to go live before Aurion and provide scheduling information for the payroll system, but when things didn’t go to plan, Suncare and Aurion had to go back and work with the legacy systems.

To overcome this urgent issue, the project teams from Aurion and Suncare took a collaborative approach of working as a team toward a shared goal, and both put considerable effort into the critical project.

“Aurion was really flexible with what we needed,” said Priscilla Stollznow, Suncare Project Manager, “which extended to a ‘can do’ attitude around our legacy systems.”

Priscilla discussed some of the Aurion team roles: Andrew the Engagement Manager kept Suncare on track, discussed issues and potential risks and made sure it was being addressed; Melissa the Product Consultant was on the ground performing payroll system configuration, she also helped Suncare staff through their training and is now performing configuration on the Aurion recruitment module for Suncare.

Advancing from payroll to recruitment

Now the payroll implementation is live, Phase 1 is complete, and Phase 2 is in progress, which involves configuring and testing the Aurion recruitment modules.

Priscilla commented, “One thing I love about Aurion is the really clear project process and the documentation around that. It sounds like it’s a given, but I’ve worked with other providers and it’s not always the case.”

Suncare are currently finalising their vendor selection for a new Customer Information System, which will give them the ability to schedule their workers and provide a way for their customers to access their schedule and worker information.  One of the key selection criteria when looking for a new CIS, was to make sure that it uses API integration, as Aurion does, to seamlessly connect the two platforms.

Key factors for success:

  • Mature process for implementation and training
  • Flexible integration with existing systems
  • Staff adapted to changing requirements

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