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Savills Australia and New Zealand is one of the world’s leading property agencies, offering services from investment sales and leasing strategy to valuation, project management, occupier services and asset management. Ingrid McDonald has been Savills National Payroll Manager in Australia and New Zealand since March 2019, but in those two years she has had to find solutions for both the JobKeeper stimulus scheme and new IR award clauses governing annualised salaries.

“I’ve used many different payroll systems, but Aurion is definitely one of the easier systems to learn; it’s intuitive and user friendly. What struck me is that everything is easily reversable. If you’ve made an error, it’s not difficult to identify and correct it.”

Ingrid McDonald, National Payroll Manager, People & Development, Savills Australia and New Zealand

With each challenge, Ingrid has been able to rely on Savills payroll solution from Aurion to satisfy the new compliance requirements and save her team time and effort in the process.

“I’ve had a really great experience with Aurion,” says Ingrid, “I’ve never had exposure to that level of support with other systems.”

Key factors for success:

  • High level of expert support
  • Intuitive, user friendly interface
  • Adaptable, customisable platform

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