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We are proud to partner with Rockhampton Regional Council (RRC) to support their people and payroll for over 20 years. They are one of our long standing customers that are a part of our 97% customer retention rate.

Rockhampton Regional Council’s journey with Aurion began all the way back in 1999. Their previous system was no longer a viable option due to declaring bankruptcy. Following this, they went out to market to search for a solution which would encompass both their people and payroll needs.

To learn more about their journey with Aurion, we spoke with Brendan Dobsa, HR Systems Administrator for Corporate Application. As one of the team members who has been involved in their people and payroll journey from the start, Brendan was able to provide an in-depth insight into the success and longevity of Aurion at Rockhampton Regional Council.

Searching for a new solution

Rockhampton Regional Council were provided the unique opportunity to select a new people and payroll system that more closely aligned to their needs. At the time, they had a single payroll system which did not incorporate or integrate with any of their required people processes. One of the goals they wanted to achieve, was to streamline their business processes. They wanted their people and payroll processing to be less labour intensive, more efficient overall, and to give their payroll team back valuable time to perform higher priority tasks.

They found all of this and more, with Aurion. Even in 1999, our people and payroll solutions was the”best in breed platform” as Brendan puts it. This sentiment still rings true today, as we further our core functionalities of streamlining the people and payroll process to let workforces thrive!

Powerful people and payroll features

As a part of the RRC’s payroll team for over 20 years, Brendan is their “go-to” for anything related to Aurion. He says that the most positive feedback from the payroll team about Aurion has come from the Employee Self Service (ESS) application. This comes down to how easy it is to use, and the effectiveness it has in processing leave applications.

As someone who has been using Aurion for over 20 years, Brendan says that Aurion’s powerful functionality is what sets it apart from others in the market. “Aurion will crunch the numbers, day in and day out. In my experience, Aurion is a reliable payroll system.”

Having issues on payday is inevitable, but whenever issues arise, we have been there to provide solutions. “Whenever we’ve had issues they have been resolved in a timely manner.” Brendan says.

Building out from our core payroll functionality, our people and payroll solutions are able to integrate with other applications. This includes HR data, and results in the ability to perform powerful reporting outputs. Brendan explains how integration has helped with extracting reports, “One of the best advantages of Aurion, is being able to extract data easily through external reporting, or your own Query Tool. As we have grown and streamlined our business processing, we are now able to run reports and extract the data in the formation of an API. We have found this integration solution to be a big timesaver for us.”

Flexible and scalable solutions

Aurion is a scalable people and payroll solution, we’ll move with you as your organisational needs grow and evolve.

Building on their original Aurion solution, RRC encountered the need to streamline their recruitment process.

Their previous recruitment process was very labour intensive. Which included tasks such as printing multiple copies of a recruitment file, storing this physical copy and then digging through filing cabinets to retrieve it. This process also made it difficult to locate and search for information, and recall if needed.

This process was time consuming and wasteful, which led to the decision to look at alternative ways that they could streamline their recruitment process.

Upon consultation with Aurion, they found that we were able to achieve this goal. So we got to work setting up our Web Recruitment module into their Aurion eco-system.

There was some initial apprehension from the recruitment team to implement this new process, which is not uncommon in organisations that have had long-standing procedures. We listened to the concerns of their recruitment team, and made sure we were there to answer any questions and guarantee the implementation process went smoothly. After a couple of rounds of recruitment using the new module, the RRC team was pleasantly surprised at how easy Web Recruitment was to use!

Brendan says that Web Recruitment has been a huge timesaver. Not only that, but information is more easily accessible. He continues, “If someone says, ‘What were the results for the interview questions?’ it’s no longer searching through filing cabinets to grab the file. It now involves just a quick search in our Web Recruitment module, looking it up and we can see the results there.”

“We were able to improve and simplify our overall recruitment process.”

Outstanding service

We value the relationships we build with our customers, and the first point of contact from customers to Aurion is through our dedicated Account Managers. Brendan says that he can always rely on his Aurion Account Manager, “When I’ve come to my Account Manager with a genuine concern, I felt that I’ve always been listened to and felt that a solution is always being worked towards.”

The relationships our customers have with our Aurion team goes beyond our Account Managers. This can include our Customer Support, Solution Delivery, Managed Payroll, and Learning teams. As such, our teams are familiar with collaborating at an interdepartmental level to ensure we achieve excellent results and solutions for our customers.

Brendan recalls a recent experience he had with one of our Solution Consultants, “We recently encountered an issue with our Timekeeper configuration. I reached out to an Aurion Solution Consultant and they were amazing! Our Consultant advised us that she didn’t initially have a solution, however, would reach out to her team. Sure enough, the next morning she came back with a solution that had been tried and proven. I like the way the Aurion team works with each other to find answers to our questions.”

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