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Open Minds is an independent not-for-profit (NFP) organisation that works with people to enhance their mental health and wellbeing. Open Minds had been hosting an Aurion payroll solution on their own infrastructure since 2015, when in March 2020 they migrated to the Aurion cloud. The new software solution ensures Open Minds’ payroll compliance, minimises maintenance and upgrade work for the IT team, and gives their entire staff a more transparent, responsive payroll experience.

“The switch to Aurion cloud was the most seamless process, ever. The migration was faster than scheduled, and actually quicker than the scope, which gave us extra time for testing before we released the service to the business. Aurion engaged with us really well, they were always available for questions. There was nothing for us to be concerned about.”

Karl Stringer, Applications Support Specialist

When Open Minds first went looking for a payroll solution, they needed a system that could deal with the complexity of the many different awards that apply to their employees. They investigated what was fit for purpose, and found Aurion had a solid footprint among Community Services organisations.

“I’ve been using Aurion since 2006 in various capacities,” said Karl. “It seems to be the application of choice in our sector.”

Key factors for success:

  • Executive commitment to cloud
  • Mature, tested migration process
  • Timing and communication
  • Rapid, expert support

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