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Real-time payroll accuracy at scale - New South Wales Electoral Commission

NSW Electoral Commission (NSWEC) depends on Aurion to deliver real-time payroll accuracy at scale. Compliant, high volume people and payroll processing is critical to NSWEC’s success during peak election periods. From cloud technology, Self Service, managed payroll services and reporting – Aurion continues to be a trusted partner for NSWEC since 2010.


New South Wales Electoral Commission (NSWEC) is a Government agency responsible for conducting, regulating and reporting elections on behalf of the New South Wales population. NSWEC’s fluid workforce centers around work available weeks before, during and after NSW’s election days. The agency wanted to partner with Aurion – an organisation that demonstrates a strong corporate commitment to excellence and has the capability to deliver a high level of quality assurance within a high profile, mission-critical environment.

High volume people and payroll processing

NSWEC first partnered with Aurion to deliver payroll and superannuation processing, legislative and ad-hoc reports as well as helpdesk services within a secure hosted environment with a number of interfaces to transfer attendance data. The initial project aimed to support business, technical and strategic needs by replacing NSWEC’s previous payroll system with the Aurion People & Payroll software solution including smartphone and tablet Self Service functionality. NSWEC relied on Aurion’s ability to process large volumes of employee information quickly, manage timesheets through a hosted environment, offer employee and manager Self Service, output files with their existing finance platform and payroll reporting.

“Aurion successfully implemented the project and processed a payroll covering almost 20,000 NSWEC personnel. This large scale requirement was accurately processed and delivered against all critical milestones.”

Since NSWEC’s decision to upgrade their payroll system to Aurion, they haven’t looked back. NSWEC continues to be a trusted partner and has outsourced payroll functionality to Aurion. Working within a customised and clear governance structure Aurion is accountable for all post-pay run activities, including but not limited to running the pays, generating all pay run files, providing customised reporting and disbursing superannuation payments. Aurion has also expanded NSWEC’s solution to also include Award Interpreter and Click Super integration.

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