Getting the most out of Aurion – where to find help and support materials

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Ever been using Aurion, had a problem and didn’t know where to start looking for help?

Over the last 12 months, we’ve been steadily working towards building one comprehensive help and information platform at At, logged in users can access a range of help and supporting materials online, any time. These resources are created by Aurion subject matter experts and are updated continually to make sure we are providing the most up-to-date and comprehensive materials that we can.

We want all users to have access to all of our help and information materials quickly and easily online. This article takes you through the options available to help you get the most out of your Aurion software.

When you need help with the Aurion software, or maybe just want some more information on a task you’re performing, your first stop should always be online help for the interface you’re using. See below for more information on how to access online help for each interface. You can also access online help from

After that you should head to where logged in users can find all of the great resources listed below (when accessing, we recommend searching all available materials in this order also):

  1. Online Help – the latest version of online help for each interface is always available here. See below for information on accessing online help from
  2. Knowledge Base
  3. Documentation
  4. Release Notes
  5. Aurion Support

Online Help

Aurion Online HelpAurion provides comprehensive help and supporting information for all Aurion products. Online help information includes how-to articles, practical examples, and interactive content.

Online help should always be your first port of call when looking for help with the Aurion software. When you’re using any Aurion interface, online help is only a keystroke or a mouse click away.

Alternatively, the latest version of online help for each interface can be accessed at from the Documentation page, and from the logged-in user menu, as shown here.

Aurion 11 has discrete browser-based responsive (looks great on any device) help systems for each product:

  • Core
  • Self Service
  • Candidate
  • Analytics

Online help systems are updated constantly, generally with each release of Aurion, but can also be updated between releases when necessary. Because help systems reside on an Aurion web server, you are always accessing the latest version of help when opening help from the Aurion software.

Accessing Help

To open help from the software to the page that relates to the screen/page/panel you are working on, in your default browser,:


  • Press F1 on your keyboard
  • Right-click anywhere on the screen/panel you need help with to display the right-click context menu, then click the Help option
  • Click the ? icon

You can also select the Aurion Help option from the tri-bar menu in the top right-hand corner of the Aurion window to open help to the home page.

Self Service/Candidate

  • Click the ? icon on any page or panel

You can also select the Help option from the Settings menu to open help to the home page.


  • Access Analytics configuration help from the Aurion 11 Core help system
  • Access Analytics help from, from the logged-in user menu (shown above) in the top right-hand corner of the browser window.

Using Help

We recommend reading the Getting Started section to familiarise yourself with the available options within the help systems and to maximise your chances of finding the information you need.

Ways to find information:

  • Browse the table of contents (Core) or menus (all other help systems)
  • Search for topics using the search field that is available on every page
  • Use the next/previous page navigation to browse through consecutive topics (Core only)
  • See Also/Related Topics links (Core only)


We love to get feedback on the Aurion help systems, whether it’s good or not so good.

If we don’t get feedback we don’t how we’re doing with providing you accurate, timely information to help you through your working day.

Feedback includes letting us know when you find the information in help useful, or not, comments on how pertinent content is to you and your work and of course any suggestions you have for improvement.

Click on the Feedback link in the footer of any help page to send us feedback.

Knowledge Base

Aurion customers who have access to the Support Portal ( can access the Knowledge Base from this portal.

The Knowledge Base has a large range of articles that generally fall into two categories:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Known Issues.

Enter your search term/s in the search field to display a list of articles matching your search criteria.

In most cases the information in Knowledge Base articles is not available in online help but, after regular reviews, information in Knowledge Base articles may be moved into online help and removed from the Knowledge Base.

Other Resources at

Customers who have a login for can access the following resources from

  • Releases
  • Documentation
  • Online Help
  • Support


This is where you find all the resources related to each Aurion release, including:

  • Software download files
  • Links to the relevant Core online help installation and upgrade topics
  • Release highlights
  • Detailed release notes including a downloadable XLS file of the release notes
  • Details of Security Task, Business Rule and Database Model changes.


Customers who have access to the customer portal can also access the Documentation page.

Some documents are provided as HTML pages only, some are provided as HTML pages and include a linked PDF version of the same content, and some documents are provided in PDF format only.

The Documentation page currently contains sections for the following categories of documents:

  • Technical – these documents have relevance for people such as Aurion Coordinators, System Administrators and IT specialists, and include documents such as the Aurion 11 Technical Architecture document and Single/Same On Overview and Guides
  • Product – this section include documents such as Aurion Product guides, e.g. Core and Self Service, the Aurion Product Roadmap for the next three years and documents specific to a particular product such as Self Service Customisation Options
  • Installation and Upgrade – resources here are focused on upgrading from Aurion 10 to Aurion 11
  • Hosted Environment – provides our hosted customers with the latest Upgrade Schedule and SLA Reports
  • EOFY – this section contains End of Financial Year resources such as a processing guide and all associated files such as updated tax rates.
  • PDF – this section contains documents that are only released as PDF documents, and not as web pages.


If you can’t find the information you require in online help, the Knowledge Base or anywhere else at, and you are a designated person for your organisation, you can login to the Support Portal to log a support ticket.


About the Author:

Ken joined Aurion in 1998 as a technical writer and has remained in that role since then. His primary responsibility is the development of online help for all Aurion products, and also for the development and maintenance of all associated documentation resources. Ken has a trade and heavy industry background, which is where he began his technical writing career, whilst employed as a Training Officer over twenty years ago. This is where Ken's passion was born for presenting technical material in a way that could be easily understood by the end users of equipment and software. Ken believes his ability to look at processes, procedures and tasks from an end-user's perspective is the key to his being able to produce accurate and focused documentation. Ken's goal at Aurion is to ensure that Aurion customers always have the information they need to do their job and make their work life easy.

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