We understand the complexities that come with managing a workforce within the education sector. It is important to ensure that HR and payroll functions are executed correctly the first time, which is why we should be on your list for payroll providers for schools! Our payroll management system supports the unique and complex requirements the education sector demands. We know our solution works, now let’s convince you!

Easily manage leave and superannuation entitlements

Our Aurion Leave module manages the leave balances and liabilities of your workforce. This includes the ongoing leave accrual process based on the employees allocated award and work pattern, and calculating leave for term and non-term time. Each teacher, support or administration staff member is individually assigned to their specific award which covers their available leave entitlements and how they are administered.

When an employee accesses their leave, Aurion displays only the leave types which are available to the individual. What makes us unique for specialised education payroll software, is the ability to automate both non-standard leave and long service leave accruals for teachers and support staff.

Another feature which leads Aurion’s pioneering software, is the capability to process different types of superannuation funds. This includes both accumulation funds and defined benefit funds. Our current education customers let us know this was an important tool for them, as some of the more historic schools require the ability to manage both types of super funds. We listened and made sure this was still an accessible and built-in resource in our Aurion HR and payroll software.

One system to manage your HR and Payroll functions

At Aurion, we have incorporated automations and integrations to ease the headache of completing your school’s HR and payroll reports and processing.

Increasing productivity and streamlining the payroll process, but how? It sounds too good to be true! With Aurion’s automation and integration strategies, it could be your schools new reality. While these two strategies work together to streamline the payroll process overall, they are two different processes.  

What is the difference between automation and integration? Payroll automation software aims to remove or reduce the manual input function by taking repetitive tasks and creating processes that only require a few keystrokes. While payroll integration software connects separate systems and allows them to smoothly communicate and share information in real-time.

By incorporating Aurion’s automation and integration strategies, your payroll can be improved by:

  • Simplifying and increasing overall productivity
  • Adapting swiftly to changes in your school’s HR requirements
  • Reporting in a timely manner to people in the process chain thanks to the integration of multiple applications which are able to update in real time
  • Create optimized, compliant and consistent processes

How do I create payroll automations and integrations? That’s easy, leave it to our Aurion experts!

Aurion’s expert Solution Executives and Account Managers will walk you through how Aurion can work with you to create your ultimate payroll solution. They will provide you with suggestions for which processes to implement and be able to answer any questions you may have. Our team then collaborate with our internal Business Process Automation (BPA) team to create and implement your tailored automation and integration solution. This includes both pre-programmed and customised options.

Our current list of functions which can be incorporated into your Aurion solution are a mix of both common and advanced combinations. See the below table for a comprehensive list of the common types of functions which come pre-programmed into your Aurion solution.

Manage employees with multiple roles and awards

Our HR and payroll software understands the complexities that come with managing a workforce within schools, universities and other entities within the education sector. Our Aurion Placements function allows you to set-up an employee who has multiple jobs (ie. different awards and entitlements) to be processed with a single payslip in a single pay cycle. Now that’s efficient!

Let’s get into how Aurion is able to process pays for employees with multiple roles.

Your organisations current and historic staffing positions (including wage calculations) are contained within Aurion Placements. A “Placement” is a role which an employee occupies at any point in time and includes both permanent and temporary positions. Each employee is assigned a unique “Aurion Number” which is unique to the individual and specifically relates to their tax file number for payroll processing purposes. An employee is then assigned to a position. Each position has a specific number. Once the employee’s “Aurion Number” is combined with the “Position Number”, a new “Placement” is created. Each placement is representative of a unique employee and position combination. Within an organization, it is possible for an employee to have more than one placement which is known as “Multiple Engagements”. An employee with multiple engagements will still retain the same person number, however the placement number will be unique to the individual employee and each of their multiple engagements (or different roles). These different employee records allows for different salaries and award conditions to be paid within one pay cycle.

Label – “Figure 1 – Example of Aurion Multiple Engagements Function”

Functional and custom reporting

One of the key features of Aurion payroll software is the ability to create customised reports. The Aurion Query Tool (AQT) is a sophisticated report writer which allows for a variety of output styles and can be used by staff at all levels of your school. Although there are a number of pre-set reports which can be run, the Aurion Query Tool allows you to fully customise your reporting.

A few examples of the functions the Aurion Query Tool can perform are:

  • Select data sources and specific fields within data sources
  • Apply filters to sort through data
  • Use formulas to customise the output based on values or your preferred rules
  • Adjust the look and feel of the report
  • Option to select save type and distribution method (eg. Send a report as a CSV file by email)

This handy tool is demonstrated to you by your dedicated Aurion Consultant. Our team will provide you with the comprehensive training of how to use our Aurion Query Tool during the setup of your Aurion solution. We want you to become the experts, even though our friendly team are just a couple of clicks or a phone call away!

A secure and compliant payroll system

Our commitment to delivering the highest quality solutions to our customers is at the forefront of what we do. We achieve this by striving for service excellence by adhering to our quality and compliance framework. This ensures that our team at Aurion delivers a certified payroll software solution to our customers which is secure and compliant. Our ISO-certified and ASAE-accredited frameworks allows us to be industry leaders in delivering secure and compliant HR and payroll solutions. These controls ensure the safety and confidentiality of our payroll system for schools.

We know that setting up frameworks is only part of the solution to being compliant. The important question is, how does Aurion stay compliant? Our team actively communicate with each other to ensure that we earn the privilege to call ourselves HR and payroll industry-leading experts. A few examples of how we remain compliant can be seen below.

Aurion is committed to remaining an industry compliant leader in HR and Payroll software. We are proud to have over 35 years of experience providing a range of flexible, secure and compliant payroll solutions. Having an industry-leading team sounds like someone you want handling your HR and Payroll software!  

Industry leading customer experience

­­­­Friendly, responsive, knowledgeable. These are some of the things our customers have said about our outstanding Customer Support team. Our highly trained Customer Support team are there to help you with your Aurion Payroll system. They support you by providing advice on the best practice relating to your specific payroll needs, and endeavor to find solutions to any issues that you raise with us throughout your Aurion journey. They are experts at identifying and analysing complex technical software related issues, and collaborate with you to make life work better!

Not only do you have access to our incredible Customer Support team, but you have your own dedicated account manager. Now that’s quality customer service! Our Account Managers specialise in updating and improving your ultimate Aurion payroll solution. They will schedule regular catch-ups to ensure that your system is working for you, and to make sure you are getting the most out of your Aurion HR and Payroll solution. They’re a friendly bunch, and will always respond to any queries or concerns that you may have. If they’re not able to solve it for you (which doesn’t happen very often), they will find someone who can!

Our innovations are built for the future

The Aurion name has been an industry leader in HR & Payroll software for over 35 years, and we didn’t get that way by staying the same! As a technology company, we understand the importance of “future-proofing” our product and taking our customers along with us. Through constant innovation and striving for excellence, we have grown to support a growing number of schools as well as leading Australian companies with their payroll.

One of our most recent innovations has been to move to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to elevate our Aurion Cloud service. This transition has not only enhanced the customer experience, but improved upon the scalability and security of our software. Aurion Cloud offers a single unified platform, which makes it easier for our customers to access their Aurion People & Payroll Solution. We chose AWS as they have the same vision as us. They seek to constantly improve their product and enhance their customer satisfaction. AWS are verified by international and Australian standards for their comprehensive security measures and precautions.

We support your learning and training

We know that sometimes change can be a bit of a scary subject. Whether it’s changing your daily routine, your coffee order or your HR & Payroll software. Our team is here to support you with your organisational change, and we aim to make you the experts of your own Aurion payroll solution. This is achieved by giving you access to our online eLearning Campus. This portal is available straight from the onboarding stage to get you familiar with the many useful functions Aurion has to offer. We have grouped these resources into representations of the stages you may be in your Aurion learning journey and include:

  • Getting Started with Aurion
  • Setting Up your Business in Aurion
  • Understanding People, Payroll & Leave
  • Using Aurion for Payroll, Finance & Admin
  • Advanced Processing Tasks

Our dedicated eLearning team are regularly adding to the course library to keep you up-to-date with any changes, or to use when you just need a little extra guidance.

Let’s chat!

For your school’s most uncomplicated HR & Payroll solution, speak with our expert team. Our Aurion payroll specialists are available to discuss how our Aurion system can be used in your ultimate payroll solution! You can reach our experienced team by calling 1300 287 466 or send an email to hello@aurion.com.

We’re excited to work with you to make life work better!