This nomination is a testament to the dedication and strong industry knowledge of our team which has seen us deliver exceptional people and payroll outcomes to our customers. We’re looking forward to finding out on the 8th of June when the winners are announced for “In-country Payroll Provider of Year”. To be nominated on the global stage of payroll software speaks volumes to the powerful capabilities of our Aurion solutions.

What sets Aurion apart from other Australian payroll software providers

Aurion is an enterprise level people and payroll software provider. We have been partnering with Australian businesses for over 35 years to support with their people and payroll demands. Our operations are built from the ground up in Australia, with our local industry experts there to support our customers by providing their expertise.

We’re built in Australia, for Australian organisations. The collective knowledge and expertise of our team is the answer to what sets us apart from other Australian payroll software providers. Our team are what drive our success, which is why we go to great lengths to support and retain our team by making Aurion a great place to work.

Simplify payroll management with our integrated software solutions

We have strategically formulated our integration strategy to remove the need for middleware. This saves your organisation on the unnecessary cost on additional software, by only requiring one system to power your people and payroll processing. Our solutions can integrate with other external applications within your business suite to simplify your reporting by only requiring access to Aurion as your single source of truth. This will save your payroll team valuable time when creating reports and completing people and payroll actions.

To achieve our optimised integration strategy, our team have developed the Aurion solution around the concept of interoperability between systems. We have developed our people and payroll software to include web services (SOAP, REST APIs), flat file and gateway services to ensure secure, seamless and compliant data transmission between applications.

Secure and compliant people and payroll solutions

At Aurion, we are dedicated to the continued delivery of secure and compliant solutions. Our people and payroll solutions are designed to remain compliant with our ISO9001 quality management and ISO27001 information security management system accreditations. As registered digital service providers, we align to the framework published and recommended by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

We take the risk and complexity out of managing your people and payroll by guaranteeing that our Aurion software remains compliant with industry, regulation and legislation standards within Australia.

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