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Aurion HR & Workforce Analytics

Today’s managers need to make informed decisions quickly with full visibility of their workforce. With Aurion Analytics, you can build a full picture of your workforce and turn data into insights. Unlock the full power of Aurion Analytics today and start making better business decision and improve operational performance across the board. 

Unlock insights right out of the box

Aurion Workforce Analytics Aurion Analytics makes it easy to act on your data. With our pre-configured dashboards and reports, you can easily visualise key performance indicators, identify important trends and track HR metrics against targets.

Aurion Analytics includes over 40 chart types, giving your HR team a 360-degree view of your workforce. Get answers quickly, see what areas require your attention and start making data-driven decisions that will optimise the performance of your organisation.

Pre-configured dashboards are all preloaded and require minimal setup and configuration so you can get up and running right away.

At Aurion, we make it simple for you to improve and invest in your most valuable asset. Contact us today.

Dashboard Inclusions

  • Dashboard library pre-configured to deliver best practice HR analytics data visualisations and common data reporting requirements
  • Simple installation and configuration
  • Defined user security permissions
  • Seamless accessibility from your Aurion interface
  • Self Service integration for managers, employees and administrators anywhere, anytime and from any device

Dashboard Features

  • Leave analysis
    • Leave metrics
    • Leave liability
  • Jobs and People analysis
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Headcount
    • Turnover
    • Service

Build your own custom dashboard and reports

HR and Payroll Analytics and DashboardsAs every business is different, Aurion Analytics provides a data analytics and visualisation layer which can be used to draw data from the Aurion datamart into custom reports and dashboards.

Reports and dashboards can be built by your BI specialists or we can provide expert BI consulting services to support you.

Leverage enterprise analytics with Aurion datamart

Aurion Analytics is powered by the Analytics datamart – an Analytics-specific data schema including current and historical data required for complex data analysis. The Analytics datamart includes highly-optimised data for business intelligence which can be used with Aurion Analytics pre-configured dashboards and customer tools, or integrated with external business intelligence and workforce management tools to support strategic planning across multiple business systems within your business.

HR Analytics Software to Power Your Workforce

Aurion workforce analytics drives productivity and business growth through:

  • Relevant, valid data: HR managers need a SaaS platform that helps them apply quality, up-to-date data to business issues, enabling them to make decisions based on credible HR metrics. Get a true understanding of your workforce with better data, better insights and better visibility across the organisation.
  • Faster and more proactive decision making: Make timely decisions based on accurate and actionable historical, current and forecast data. Aurion talent analytics allows you to predict trends, model scenarios and track your organisation’s growth in order to see which focus areas are meeting your targets and which need to be re-evaluated for maximum impact.
  • Improved business performance: With our predictive analytics platform, you’ll be able to effectively correlate your workforce operation to business and strategic goals to improve your organisation’s performance across the board and learn how to utilise your workforce in the most efficient and productive way.
  • Greater employee satisfaction and productivity: Improved employee data and insights lead directly to improved employee satisfaction, allowing you to easily identify the relevant factors that can help you enrich your work environment and boost employee enjoyment. As a result, you’ll benefit from greater loyalty and a high-value, productive workforce.
  • More effective training and career development initiatives: Instantly pinpoint areas throughout your organisation that need to be improved or re-evaluated, and develop targeted training and career development programs to match. Aurion’s full-service HR analytics software makes it easy to grow your business from every aspect.
  • Risk management: Get a full view of your workforce, including those at risk of leaving and those performing below standard. With these insights, HR managers can target the underlying trends and reasons for high rates of employee turnover or concentrate their efforts on early intervention to reduce (and eliminate) underperformance.
  • Targeted employee retention: In a similar vein to risk management, Aurion’s people analytics platform presents valuable insights to help you determine high-risk and low-risk employees so you can focus retention initiatives on the critical, high-value members of your workforce.
  • Talent forecasting: Accurately forecast workforce requirements and prioritise applicant profiles who are most qualified and best suited to specific positions within the organisation. You can also predict high-value new hires based on precise profiling data, enabling management to focus on their career development through fast-track programs or other initiatives.

People Analytics: Bringing HR and Business Data Together

Today, HR analytics is about more than business: it’s about people. As business functions develop and grow, HR and business data need to unite and merge to deliver people analytics – brand new, highly valuable insights and tools for managers to make better decisions for their people as well as their organisation.

At Aurion, our workforce analytics platform brings together your people and your data for simplified management. We combine the essential HR aspects like recruitment and workforce planning, learning and leadership, engagement and assessment, performance succession, comp and benefits, and HRMS employee data.

Aurion Analytics gives you a complete view of your organisation and people. And the result? Vital insights that enable you to power workplace productivity, happier employees, intuitive decision making and business growth as a whole.

See the Big Picture with Aurion Analytics

Over the last 30 years, Aurion has worked with countless businesses in Australia and overseas to streamline management processes and make daily operations more effective and efficient.

Aurion Analytics is a testament to our commitment and passion for making complex things simple. Get full visibility of your workforce and real, actionable company data with an interactive platform that brings together all your essential insights in a streamlined, customisable dashboard library.

Seamlessly accessed from your Aurion interface as well as Self Service for management on the go, our HR analytics platform builds on everything you know to drive business growth and improvement through your key asset: your people.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you better understand your workforce with Aurion Analytics.


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