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And so we’re back (from outta space)!

January 9th, 2019|0 Comments

And so we’re back (from outta space)!

Firstly from myself and the team at Aurion, we hope you had a restful festive period. 2018 is done, let’s collectively brace ourselves for all 2019 shall bring!

Aurion had a stellar 2018. We attended events across the country like the Public Sector Innovation Show, AHR  National Convention, Beyond’s Workforce Success, TAPS and more. We also successfully transitioned all clients to STP and launched Aurion PayGo!

This year promises to be even bigger and better, and we simply can’t wait to get started!

Our blogs page will be receiving plenty of love as well. So, keep an eye on both our LinkedIn and Facebook pages for biweekly content that will cover all sorts of topics – from compliance to HR best practices, to financial tips, and some unique insight for your business!

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