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Aurion is a pioneer of integrated HR and payroll software and outsourced payroll services. For 30 years we’ve been helping our customers simplify HR & Payroll driving business efficiency and automation.

Keeping pace with technology Aurion has been through five technology paradigm jumps and remained a market leader all the way. Today Aurion is a fully mobile Self Service enterprise Human Resource Information System (HRIS) with one of the most powerful payroll super-engines available anywhere in the world. We manage the entire employee lifecycle as well as all salary, superannuation and employee benefits.

We are passionate about technology and how we use it to solve HR and Payroll business challenges. We understand that people are the heart and soul of every business. Our software is simple to use and elegant, yet powerful and deep enough to meet the most complex business process.

About 5% of the Australian full-time workforce is paid each week on the Aurion platform including more than 200,000 Government public servants, plus tens of thousands of volunteers working in not for profits. Annually Aurion moves more than $30b for businesses paying their employees. We handle every possible combination of pay award and HR rule imaginable. That makes us real experts in our field.

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Since being founded in 1985 Aurion has delivered a series of firsts to the market.

We connected our first enterprise customer in 1988 and they are still with us today, proving the value of lasting relationships.

Aurion was the first Australian company to introduce payroll Self Service in 1999, making life easier for thousands. We were the first Australian HRIS platform to bring our services onto the web.

Also in 1999 we established our payroll services bureau in Canberra specifically to service the Federal Government and Australian Public Service employees.

In 2008 we released our first Cloud SaaS deployment of Aurion Version 10

In 2015 we released Aurion Version 11 using HTML5, making Self Service available on any mobile device.

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Working with purpose

At Aurion, we aim to make complex things simple.

We are experts in our field and we love to deliver innovation each and every day.

We work hard and strive to get the work/life balance right.

Aurion is a great place to work. We solve new challenges every day.

As part of the Aurion team you can also look forward to receiving strong support, including real career progression opportunities, and enjoying a collaborative culture where fantastic work is done by fantastic people. It’s that straightforward.

We currently have a number of technical, consulting, customer management job opportunities within our fast-growing team. Click here to find out what job opportunities we have available.

Jodie, Support Consultant

I was introduced to Aurion software five years ago working with a previous employer in their Pay Team. I wanted to expand my working knowledge of the software so I took a life changing career step commencing with Aurion Payroll Services. Thanks to the company and the people I was able to continue to develop my skill set and progress my career now working in the Software Operations Team.

Dane, Test Analyst

I joined Aurion as a Test Analyst, having recently completed an IT degree at QUT. I was given an opportunity to use my development skills and was soon writing and maintaining automated tests for Aurion’s web products. I enjoy the freedom we have to use the latest tools and set up best practice test frameworks that ensure we can consistently deliver quality software. I learn more and more every day and enjoy working with a talented and friendly development team.

Trudy, Service Delivery Manager

In the 6 years I have been with Aurion, I have had an excellent professional journey from a Payroll Administrator to a Service Delivery Manger highlighting these as the most rewarding and best learning years of my career. I am very fortunate to work for a company that continuously seeks improvement allowing me to learn new technologies, contribute to a diverse range of projects and accept new, exciting challenges.

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