Our purpose at Aurion is to make life work better with our all-in-one people and payroll solution. We have a dedicated team that are passionate about payroll, and work with our customers to create powerful, accurate and streamlined solutions to uncomplicate payroll for organisations of all sizes, industries and complexity. Drawing on the expertise of our people and payroll experts, we’ve put everything you need to uncomplicate your payroll below.

Stay on top of payroll compliance

With the everchanging HR and payroll industry, ensure your systems are up-to-date with current legislation and that you understand your employer obligations in addition to applying these changes to your workforce in a timely manner. To receive these updates, it is recommended to have the members of your HR and payroll team actively engaged in industry newsletters and events. This also includes regularly sourcing information directly from the Fair Work Commission and Australian Taxation Office (ATO), as well as being a member of industry associations like The Australian Payroll Association (TAPS), Australian Payroll Association (APA), New Zealand Payroll Practitioners Association (NZPPA) and Australian HR Institute (AHRI). However most importantly, make sure you circle back to your systems and processes to ensure any new compliance changes are successfully and effectively applied to your organisations technological and process infrastructure.

At Aurion, our team of experts work together to find solutions within the shifting landscape of Australian payroll. We have many avenues for our team to collaborate and engage with industry bodies to ensure the solutions we provide continue to be accurate and compliant.

We have an established “Legislation and Regulation Working Group” which meet regularly to discuss and address the challenges posed by the dynamic and ever-changing legislative and regulation landscape of Australian payroll. This group is comprised of teams across the business of varying backgrounds and skillsets who monitor industry bodies. These industry bodies extend to the Australian Tax Office (ATO), Fair Work Commission and the above mentioned industry associations. Armed with the most up-to-date knowledge and highly skilled at interpreting complex legislation, our Legislation and Regulation Working Group collaborate to source solutions for our software and service offerings to ensure that our customers have the most current, compliant and up-to-date solutions available.

With our dedicated Working Group, we remove the stress from organisations of having to keep on top of the changing compliance requirements while having to interpret technical legislation jargon correctly. Not only that, but we have the specialised skillset internally to provide industry best-practice solutions, advice and guides for how these changes can be applied while incorporating any software related compliance solutions automatically within our regularly scheduled quarterly software updates.

In each iteration of our quarterly software releases, there is always a standing agenda item to review, address, configure and implement legislation and regulation related software solutions. Our team work in an agile environment which allows for the introduction of timely updates, whether this is included in the main release each quarter or a software patch if it is compliance critical. We prioritise keeping our people and payroll solutions compliant, and allowing your team to focus on business-critical operations and not get bogged down in complex and confusing payroll legislation.

Automate payroll for efficient and accurate outcomes

If your goal is to reduce errors and increase operational efficiency, then our extensive automation and integration library has got you covered. By incorporating automations and integrations into your payroll solution, your organisation will see immediate positive outcomes relating to operational efficiency and transparency while simultaneously streamlining your workflows. This is all achieved by reducing:

  • Manual intervention
  • Risk of human error
  • Overall workload for your team

We know that in order to drive business productivity and engagement, it is important to support our customer community by providing industry-leading tools that automate transactional and manual processes. This also includes the capability to incorporate a wide range of integrations to ensure that accuracy is maximised through sharing business-critical data in one system, in real-time. By partnering with Aurion, a payroll provider that has the tools and expertise to drive efficient business outcomes, you will be uncomplicating your payroll in ways you didn’t know were possible.

Award interpretation technology to stay compliant

Keeping your payroll compliant should be at the top of every organisations radar, however it can sometimes be hard to keep up. With one of the most complicated payroll environments in the world, Australia has over 120 different industry awards that apply to different sectors and Enterprise Agreements.

A simple solution to combat this challenge is to ensure your payroll provider has award interpretation built-in to the software to help your business stay compliant, and assist in paying your workforce correctly and avoid underpayments.

The Aurion Award Interpreter is a great example of the powerful technology available to Australian organisations to assist in remaining compliant and align to the correct requirements of different industry awards. Our Award Interpreter can fully integrate with our Timekeeper module with the ability to configure rulesets that are completely adaptable to your specific business needs. Timesheets in addition to award interpretation can be configured using rule tables to suit the varying complexities of organisational requirements.

Single source of truth for your people and payroll data

The key to streamlining your payroll, is to find an all-in-one solution which can create a single source of truth for your organisational data. This will not only simplify your payroll, but will also save your team time, reduce costs, improve compliance and drive employee engagement. Through Aurion, this is achieved by providing extensive automation and self-service capabilities to improve employee productivity.

As an all-in-one solution, Aurion can support your organisation through the entire employee lifecycle to provide a single source of truth for people and payroll data to facilitate accurate and compliant outcomes.

With comprehensive reporting capabilities that include extensive integration options, Aurion can partner with your organisation to incorporate the applications used in your business ecosystem to provide a single source of truth for your people, payroll and financial data.

The biggest benefit of having a single source of truth, is that it massively reduces the risk of inaccurate data. Through the powerful automation and integration functions of Aurion, all of your business applications (including payroll, HR, finance and more) can have the most up-to-date information all in one place. Which means that when you run your reports or search for information, you will receive real-time data through one application, Aurion.

Outsource your payroll

The ultimate way to reduce risk, costs and uncomplicate your payroll is to investigate outsourced payroll options. An ideal solution for organisations who have limited in-house expertise and need a partner they can trust. Ensure you complete a thorough background check and request references to be confident that your chosen provider has a solid track record, appropriate accreditations and compliance measures in place, in addition to being able to meet the unique people and payroll needs of your organisation. Aurion has been leading the Australian payroll industry for over 39 years with a range of software and managed payroll (outsourced) solutions. Learn more about the benefits of outsourcing payroll with an on-shore Australian payroll provider, our commitment and delivery of accurate outcomes which is reinforced by our industry-leading security and quality accreditations.

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